Sega, now one of the most under appreciated trademark in all of console gaming. Despite now not being the dominant force they used to be there is no denying that their presence and achievements have arguably shaped the console industry into what it is today.

Sega have always been advancing the forefront of gaming technology from the worlds first colour hand held - the Game Gear, the first 32-Bit machine - the Mega Drive 32X, the first ever 3D game - Virtua Fighter, the first console to have network play - the Saturn and again the first ever console to provide Internet play - the Dreamcast. Their advances in Coin-Op technology have been just as notable from sprite scaling power houses to networked cabinets pumping millions of texture mapped polygons.

Their decline from best the best in the business can be attributed to a no of factors; internal disputes, unrewarding risks, poor marketing and unfair competition. The fact that they have made some and continue to make some of the best games ever is undisputed. Games from Sonic Team ( they do not just make Sonic games!), AM2 with the Virtua Series ( Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop) and forgetting Yu Suzikis titles including Space Harrier, After Burner, Golden Axe, out Run amongst many others, all regarded as industry classics and all made by one company.

Segas line up of home consoles are,

Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Mega CD, Mega Drive 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast

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The Dreamcast was Segas last ever console. Having a promising start breaking launch records in all territories it production was discontinued in March 2001 due to the financial drain on the company.

Sega have since became focused on providing software only. Their target is to become the worlds No 1 third party developer for multiple formats. Games like Virtua Fighter 4, Jet Set Radio Future and Phantasy Star Online are an example of the early work from Sega in their new role. Many more titles are set to be stunning.

The decision for Sega to become a software company only is a debatable one and not accepted by some fans, however, Segas games on other platforms must be better than no Sega at all.

In this section you will find some info on all of the home consoles Sega have released and some features (eventually) on some of their best games.

To be this good takes AGES... To be this good takes SEGA!


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