3RD Rock From The Sun Episode Guide Season 5

The Baby Menace

The Solomons try to keep Vicki from blowing their cover as she calls the tabloids to report the birth of her alien baby, and Dick struggles with Sally to regain his title of High Commander.

Dick For Tat

When Mary accidentally confesses that she had a fling with Professor Strudwick, Dick's arch nemesis, Dick sets out to even the score by sleeping with the professor's wife. And Sally sees Officer Don, dressed in leather, riding his new motorcycle and falls madly in love again.

The Fifth Solomon

Dick wrecks the Rambler, but has no insurance; he quickly concludes that the whole insurance business is a scam, while Harry can't wait to sign on the dotted line. The aliens are fascinated by all the gadgets on their rental car and conclude that a new car is what they need, but it isn't long before they're missing their old friend the Rambler.

Dial M For Dick

Mary invites the aliens to a murder mystery weekend; they think the "murders" that take place are real, and Dick attempts to take over the "investigation."

Dick and Tuck

Dick decides plastic surgery is the only answer when Mary and Nina say he isn't as sexy as Harrison Ford. The aliens visit Dr. Lasker, the plastic surgeon, who takes one look at Harry and declares him perfect.

Dick, Who's Coming To Dinner

When Nina won't let him attend her Black Student Union meeting, Dick innocently takes the aliens with him to a white power rally where the people they encounter seem to hate everyone. Mary, Nina and his physics class educate Dick on racial injustice in America, and a guilt-ridden Dick shows up at Nina's church where he asks the gospel choir if he can be a good man in spite of his color.

Sex and the Sally

The mysteries of tipping are revealed to Dick, and Harry and Tommy inadvertently become panhandlers while Sally explores her options regarding birth control.

Charitable Dick

Dick buys a watercolor for seventeen hundred dollars at a charity auction and has to learn that giving to charity is not about self-promotion. Harry and Tommy try to remember and record the aliens' mission statement. And Don has to find a diplomatic way to tell Sally that her snoring is driving crazy.

The Loud Soloman Family: A Dickumentary

The Solomons agree to be the subjects of Dr. Albright's documentary in spite of the risk of being revealed as aliens. The camera's rolling as the aliens talk among themselves about the possibility of exposure. To cover themselves, the aliens come forth with all sorts of accusations and confessions: Sally's a lesbian, Dick's an abusive father, Tommy's a bed-wetter, and, not to be excluded, Harry announces that he's an alcoholic.

Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

When the aliens' washer and dryer break down, Harry, Tommy and Sally discover a whole new world at the laundromat. And Mary suggests that she and Dick expand their social lives by finding another couple to spend time with.

Dick Puts the 'id' in Cupid

When he learns that Mary is seeing a therapist, Dick's paranoid about what she might be saying about him. And Tommy's intimidated about having sex with Alissa when he finds that it won't be her first experience.

The Big Giant Head Returns

When Sally spends the aliens' food money on shoes, it's clear to everyone that she has a serious problem. Both Vicki Dubcek and the Big Giant Head return to Rutherford, and the Big Giant Head falls in love.

Rutherford Beauty

Dick gets in trouble with Mary when he shares with her his erotic fantasies about Nina. And Sally tries everyone's patience when she becomes a fanatical follower of a lifestyle guru a la Marta Stewart.

This Little Dick Went To Market

Convinced that he's about to become rich, Dick starts playing the stock market. And Sally's thrown off balance when she encounters a woman in Rutherford who's tougher than she is.

Youth Is Wasted On The Dick

The Solomons get some vicarious thrills when Don uses their apartment for a stakeout. Dick takes Mary back to an inn that's the scene of many of her happiest childhood memories. And Dick's students teach him that spring break was made for partying.

Dick Strikes Out

When a new chancellor shakes things up at Pendleton, Dick convinces his fellow faculty members to resign en masse. And Tommy takes a job at a pretzel stand at the mall, but finds that working for his girlfriend isn't as much fun as he expected.

Shall We Dick

When Sally and Alissa go clothes shopping together, Tommy's frustrated because Sally has a chance to see Alissa naked in the dressing room. Dick and Mary enter the Badger Day dance contest, as do Harry and Nina, but it soon becomes clear to Dick that, if he wants to win, he'll have to change partners.

Dick And Harry Fall In A Hole

When Dick and Harry fall into a giant hole, the Rutherford police enlist the services of an expert, Angus, The Hole, McDuff, to help them escape, while Tommy exploits the situation in hopes of making a fast buck.

Frankie Goes To Rutherford

When Frank, a very handsome former student who's now an academic, shows up in Mary's office, Dick's instantly jealous. But it's not long before Frank outs himself to an uncomprehending Dick who thinks that Frank's confessing to being an alien. And Sally, Tommy and Harry decide to rob a bank just because it's a challenge.

Dick Solomon's Day Off

Dick discovers the concept of "sick days," and has a great time playing hooky from work with Mary joining in. All's well until Mary takes a sick day without him. And when Don leaves his police scanner at the Solomon apartment, Sally, Harry and Tommy get hooked on eavesdropping.

The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1

Harry summons up the courage to ask Janice out on a real date. Sally thinks Alissa is trying to break up with Tommy, so she tells Alissa that Tommy is dumping her. The Big Giant Head and Vicki pay a surprise visit, and it's clear that the honeymoon is over. Dick gets an unexpected answer when he asks the Big Giant Head why he's become so clingy and needy.

The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

When Vicki meets Harry's new girlfriend, she immediately begins plotting to get rid of her. Stone (a.k.a. The Gig Giant Head) demands that Dick break up with Mary, because he thinks she's a slut and a boozer. And Tommy works overtime to win Alissa back.

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