3RD Rock From The Sun Episode Guide Season 1

Brains and Eggs

Pilot: Originally Aired 9/1/96

The Solomons land on Earth taking human form. Dick discovers feelings. Tommy discovers girls and complains of side of effects from puberty. Sally explores the power of her body. Harry has a phallic attachment to a flashlight. Dr. Albright is both frustrated and intrigued by Dick, her new officemate.

Post Nasal Dick

Dick invites himself to a wedding with Dr. Albright. Unbeknownst to him, he has the flu and gets intoxicated on cough medicine, creating chaos. Tommy, Sally and Harry experience symptoms of the flu. Thinking they are going to die, they bond.

Dick's First Birthday

Through Nina's request for Dick's birthday date, Dick learns there is a stigma to being old. He attempts to counteract his age by wearing leather pants and dying his hair black. Harry tries to fix his low self-esteem through a self-help tape. Tommy gets a sex-ed talk from the coach. Sally discovers that she is the perfect age.

Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus

Sally goes on her first date and gets dumped. She is devastated until she learns through Nina and Albright that men and women are just an opposite sex. Harry catalogs the dangers of the planet. Tommy has an attitude problem which sends Dick to a meeting with Tommy's teachers.

Dick Smoker

Pitman teaches Dick to smoke. Dick, wanting a drag, gets stuck in a hallway for a couple days. Sally assumes command and realized that she is not ready for it. Tommy does an experiment reanimating a frog, with Jack, his lab partner.

Green-Eyed Dick

Dick experiences jealousy and competition when an old boyfriend of Albright's shows up. Harry befriends a dog and becomes upset when having to find him a home. Dick assigns Sally the task of researching how to establish an "intimate relationship" with a woman.

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Lonely Dick

When Albright goes out of town, Dick, fearing loneliness, breaks into her house and rifles though her things. Harry gets a job as a men's cologne salesman. Sally becomes addicted to women's skin products. Tommy gets a girlfriend.

Body and Soul and Dick

The Solomons deal with death when a professor dies and asks Dick, in his will, to arrange his eulogy. Tommy finds himself torn between Cheryl, the cheerleader and August.


Albright's brother, Roy, comes to visit. He tells the Solomons he was abducted by aliens. Sally, being the defense specialist, attempts to kill Roy in a cornfield until he confesses that he made it all up. Harry works on getting a promotion by doing odd jobs around the house. August threatens to break up with Tommy.

Truth or Dick

Dick learns the hard way the difference between a good and bad lie. Sally and Harry go through the ridiculous process of getting drivers' licenses. Tommy, depressed by being "pimple boy,", finds his calling hanging out in a mall.

The Art of Dick

Dick competes with Albright and Harry in art class. Dick finds for the first time there is something that he is not good at, while Harry discovers there is something he is good at. Sally gets involved in the bake sale at Tommy's school and whips the mothers into baking soldiers.

Frozen Dick

Dick discovers his fear of flying when he and Albright get on a plane to Chicago for Albright's Leaky award. Resolved to driving, Dick spins the car out into a snow bank. They find shelter at truck stop where Dick cheers up Albright by singing "Oklahoma." Harry gets a job at a video store. Tommy does a book report on the magician David Copperfield. Sally offers Leon shelter from the snow, almost having sex with him.

Angry Dick

The Solomons attempt to make friends with the Mullers next door, offending them. This leads to Dick experiencing anger. Harry is introduced to television. Sally bonds with Mrs. Muller.

The Dicks They Are A Changin'

In this flashback episode, Albright mistakes Dick for an old 60's activist boyfriend of hers. Dick orders Tommy to research the 60's. Harry joins a CD club. Sally helps Harry break away from the club.

I Enjoy Being A Dick

Because of Sally's overspending on clothing, Dick learns to dress smartly and inexpensively. He uses this knowledge to dress in drag and crash a women's group meeting from which Albright had banned him. Sally and Harry get jobs at a pancake house to support her clothing habit. Tommy debates telling August he's an alien.

Dick Like Me

Tommy's need to fit in at school inspires the Solomons to discover what ethnic category they fall into. Dubcek informs them they are Jewish. Tommy tries out various races. Sally goes out on a date with Tommy's teacher and enjoys her first kiss. Harry tries to teach Sally how to dance. Dick learns about bigotry from Nina and Albright.

Assult With A Deadly Dick

The Solomons lives are affected by their radio being stolen and Dick getting mugged. Sally is turned on by a policeman in his uniform. Tommy joins the basketball team to impress August, only to find he is too short to play. Albright helps Dick resolve his fear of crime by helping him confront his mugger.

Father Knows Dick

Dick discovers what it means to be a good father. Harry is told that he is the information receiver for communicating with the Big Giant Head and rebels. Randell introduces Sally to his mother and Sally beats her up.

Selfish Dick

Albright gets a better office. Dick selfishly tries to sabotage her good fortune so he has to come back to share his office. Sally cuts herself and ends up in the hospital. She, Tommy and Harry pose as doctors, learning the power of healing and the miracle of birth.

See Dick Run

After Dick and Albright have sex, Dick has a fear of commitment. Sally and Tommy ask their boyfriend and girlfriend if they went away would they be missed. The Big Giant Head sends an Evil Dick to take over the mission. To be continued...

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