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Buffy the Vampire Slayer exploded with immense popularity when it debuted in 1995. The TV series is based upon an ordinary school girl who was bestowed with immense strength to become "The Slayer". She alone would stand against the vampires and the forces of evil. At the time this show was pretty unique.

Buffy and her gang of friends; Giles her Watcher, Xander and Willow, as well as help from a few other people, fight evil in their home town of Sunny Dale which just happens to be located on a Hell Mouth which basically means all the demons and supernatural forces are attracted here. Buffy has had to face Vampires ( of course ), voice robbing demons, demented robots, ex slayers and more recently a God.

The originality of the show plus Sarah Michelle Gellerís absolute hotness made the show an instant hit and it's popularity made possible the creation of a spin off series based upon similar themes. Angel was a character in Buffy, a vampire in-fact who leaves Sunnydale after a love interest with Buffy to fight for redemption. Both shows run in parallel to each other and stories float between the two at times.

Now into it's 6th Season, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been acquired by UPN, the syndicate where all Star Trek is shown meaning that we should see many more years of Buffy yet to come as well as Angel continuing on WB.

This section is under tons of construction. Eventually there will be character info, episode guides, scans of all the tapes and DVDs out to buy and a few sounds and pics of Buffy herself.

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