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Worms United is the original Worms PC release and the Worms Reinforcements expansion pack combined. Released in October 1996, this version was exclusive to the PC.

I very much enjoyed this version of Worms after playing the original for several months. Many hours were wasted playing the game with friends on various platforms of the day. The extras in this version made for a more frantic and ultimately a more enjoyable game where many more hours were spent and the customisation abilities added an extra longevity also. In the era when games were thrusting towards 3D, it represented an excellent example of how much fun a 2D game could still be. Just where these Worms got access to all these weapons we'll never know.


For me personally, the games got a little more bloated and less enjoyable. I remember my friend being so excited when getting a copy of the original Worms that she phoned a friend to come and play. After getting his answering machine she simply left a message stating that she had Worms forgetting to mention it was the game she was walking about...

I even customised the game with soundbanks created from clips of Beavis and Butthead and South Park. It helped me to learn about digital audio editing.

So in this feature will be a brief history of the series, the lowdown on the game (the combined Worms United) including weapons, tips and also a guide on how to play on modern PC's (Windows XP/Vista/7).

Note: The CDROM version is covered in this feature but should be mostly applicable to the floppy disc version.


Worms United

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The story of Worms is one that now spans 15 years and one of those few where a guy in his bedroom managed to start a franchise.


Worms started life on the Amiga written by Mr Andy Davison in Blitz Basic under the title "Total Wormage". It was even demonstrated on a kids computer game show entitled Bad Influence.

It had a very simple concept. It took a team of 4 Worm characters and placed them on a randomly generated landscape and required you to blow away out of the enemy Worms who were doing the same to you.

Unfortunately it was rejected by a few companies until a very enthusiastic Team 17 picked up the game for further development. The title was reduced to simply to Worms.

Original Worms Release

Worms was released in 1995 (published by Ocean) on the Amiga and then ported to all platforms of the day in 1996: PC (CDROM and Floppy), SEGA Saturn, SEGA Mega Drive, Sony Playstation, Super Nintendo and even the Atari Jaguar and Amiga CD32. It was a roaring success and bought many high scoring reviews.

A remake of Worms for the Xbox 360 has since been released to the PS3, in April 2009, and on the iPhone on July 11, 2009.

Worms (PC) Worms (PC) Worms (PC)

Worms (PC)

Reinforcements Release/United Release

Worms: Reinforcements (PC)

Success bought a budget price expansion pack was created entitled Worms: Reinforcements and met with positive reception. This was exclusive to PC and shortly after the original Worms and the Reinforcements were released as a single entity entitled Worms United and this sold well also.

For PC owners whom had not bought the original release it was further reason and since many at the time were making the leap from floppy discs to CDROM it may have been one of their first multi-media games.

It was these initial releases where most of the fans (Wormers) of the series originated setting up a continued strong franchise that is Worms.

Following the major success of the original Worms and Worms Reinforcements/United it was inevitable that a sequel would follow. Before that however, the sequel Worms: The Directors Cut, was a special version exclusive to the Amiga written by Andy Davison, it is the closest version of Worms that he envisioned. Only 5000 copies were released. It has weapons and features not found in any other version. It was the last game for the Amiga.

The Sequel

Worms 2 followed in 1997. It had moved to the Windows platform (DirectX) and the graphics took on a much more distinctive cartoon look. New weapons such as the Super Sheep Bomb, the Holy Hand Grenade and new single player campaigns built on the success of the original. It was also much more customisable.

It was another resounding success and strengthened the reputation of Worms thanks to the greatly enhanced the online and multiplayer abilities.

Hot on the heels was Worms: Armageddon, now considered to be the highlight of the 2D iterations of Worms. It had some merciless weapons including the debut of the Concrete Donkey not to mention Armageddon. It is still regularly played thanks to updates from patches by the community.

SEGA asked Team 17 to create a version for their Dreamcast console which was bringing the advent of Internet gaming to consoles and deemed it to be an excellent candidate. Worms World Party was released on several numerous platforms in 2001 though reportedly did not offer much over Armageddon.

Worms 2 Worms Armageddon Worms World Party

Worms 2D Games

In 2002, Worms Blast was released on many platforms. It was not a typical Worms game and one of a few spin-offs that the series would have. This had gameplay similar to that of Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move, but with several key differences.

3D Games

In 2003, Team17 took Worms into 3D. It was only warmly received even though the single player campaign was good. Although it bought plenty new fans to the franchise, it also lost those whom preferred the 2D iterations. Not only that but it was reported to be very buggy compromising good gameplay.

A spin off title, Worms Fort: Under Siege was released in 2004 on the PC, Xbox and PS2 published by [SEGA]. It continued the 3D presentation but altered the traditional gameplay: Worms now built forts and deployed heavier weaponry. It had marked improvements in the 3D presentation and reliability, however, it had one downside: it could not be played online.

Approximately 1 year later, Worms 4: Mayhem was released on PC, Xbox and PS2. It became regarded as the best of the 3D games as improvements in all areas made for a very popular release. Vast amounts of un-lockables based on the performance in single player mode.

Worms Forts Worms 4 Mayhem Worms World Party

Worms 3D Games

In 2006 Worms: Open Warfare released for the Nintendo DS and PSP. It was a return to 2D and many fans of the old-skool were looking forward to it. Unfortunately these games lacked in features and rather buggy.

Open Warfare 2 was released a year later for Nintendo DS and PSP and was well received by critics whom said it improved greatly over the previous title in every way. Some even regarded it as the best Worms game to date.

From there Worms continued with Worms: Space Oddity for the Nintendo Wii released in 2008. Although well received for being a great game overall it lacked features most notably that of online gaming. Still the new motion controls made for a refreshing change.

In 2010, Worms: Battle Islands was released for the Nintendo Wii and PSP. It was well received having all the improvements of its predecessor but it did not offer anything particularly new.


So we can see that since 1995, Worms has evolved from a 2D basic strategy game to a colourful 3D game. There is divided view as to whether to transition to 3D has been a good one. Worms is one of the only franchises out there that has seen more than a decade of success, and is still just as charming in its simple design as it was when the series got its start. There is no doubt that Banana bombs and Sheep bombs are synonymous with the franchise.

Worms now wear hats, can recognise threats and even customise their weapons. The Worms franchise continues to this day with re-releases on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo 3DS and smartphones.

It seems that Worms are never going to call a truce with each other, so more games should come, but the question always remains...How hard is your Worm?


To win at Worms you simply need to annihilate the other team. For those unfamiliar an explanation follows.

The game employs a turn based system where a players Worm must attack opposing Worms with the use of wacky artillery until victory. A player usually has 60 seconds in which to perform their move.

Each player has a team of four Worms each with 100 points for health. When a Worm has 0 points it becomes and ex-worm (dead) and self destructs. The surviving team wins the round.

A maximum of four teams can be played simultaneously by either human or CPU players. The CPU cam be notoriously accurate in its attacks, however, it can become somewhat predictable after a time playing.

alt : Worms United PC

Attacks on Worms are made with an array of weapons from a shotgun to sticks of dynamite punches, with tools including flame throwers and actions such as kamikaze. Weapons vary in strength in the damage they inflict (loss of health points) which is revealed after firing. When Worms die and self destruct they will damage nearby Worms to a maximum of 30 health points; something which can be used to your advantage.

As weapons are detonated the landscape they sit on is damaged. This can make for some tricky troughs and gaping holes that can not be jumped over or otherwise impinge your aim. The landscape will have other properties such as ice making Worms slide more and different gravity which affects jumping and projectile attacks. A collection of landmines will be scattered about that will explode when touched. They can be blasted around by explosions and can be eliminated by being knocked off the landscape or falling into water etc. Worms can be instantly killed by falling/blasted/walking off the landscape. This includes falling into water or fire.

Along with weapons are tools such as drills and abilities such as teleport which allows players to move around the landscape ideally for strategic purposes but some try to evade their opponents to a degree; tactics shunned by the games manual in fact.

At the end of a round a statistics of four categories is displayed. This builds the overall team rankings view.

Worms Match Statistics

Match Statistics

The two big additions Reinforcements brings is network play via modem or LAN (those modes are essentially defunct now) and an all new challenge mode for single players.

United has updated gameplay thanks to the tweaks which can make for much more frantic Wormage. Be sure to check the options for ways to make the rather frantic indeed.

Gameplay enhancements include being able to select which Worm is to attack next, retreat ability, stockpiling, super [powerful] versions of standard weapons and a weapon to deal with those pantywaste players who like to dig into the landscape for protection.

Mole BombMole Bomb

The Destructive Force of the Mole Bomb

Both the audio and video are very basic being 2D even for the time in and attempt to be cartoonish and wacky and manages to be so to a large degree. Gameplay between the floppy disk and CDROM versions is identical; however, the CDROM version contains FMV sequences and CD audio along with the various tools for customisation.

Present at all times on the screen will be the status panel. The bars across the top of the screen represents a teams total strength. If a team has already won a round then a ribbon will display next to their name.

The bars between 'Wind' indicate the strength and direction of the wind. This will affect projectiles which could potentially ruin an attack or will make you alter your strategy. An important skill is to learn to use this to your advantage.

The Worm to take the move is indicated by a red arrow above the head. You have until the countdown (usually 60 seconds) finishes before your turn is lost.

The game is played predominantly with the keyboard though mouse is needed for viewing.

Basic Controls

The mouse moves the view around the landscape.

Right-Click displays the weapons selector bar.

Left-Click sets a target for weapon or tool that requires it. E.g Homing missile and girders.

Cursor Keys LEFT and RIGHT - Move Worms about the landscape.

Cursor Keys UP and DOWN - Primarily used for aiming. Some tools can use these for directions such as Ninja Rope.

ENTER - Jump. When attempting a long leap the Worm wobbles briefly when landing.

TAB - Selects which Worm should take the move.

SPACE - FIRE or ACTION. Depending on the weapon or tool this maybe a single press or a hold down for power on the gauge.

Numbers 1-5 - set the fuse for weapons that require it e.g grenades.

+ and - keys set the bounce for weapons that require it e.g grenades.

Additional Controls

C - centres the screen on your current Worm.

P - Pauses the game. Indicates current Worm and landscape serial number.

M - Zoom out and view the current landscape entirely.

DEL - Toggle Worms [display]. Toggles between all: worm-names visible, your worm-names visible, no worm-names visible.

ESCAPE - Presents the quit options menu. Choices are:

Sudden Death Mode - Reduces all Worms health to 1 point.

Draw This Round - No win is recorded and another landscape is generated for another round.

Resume Game - Back to battle.

Weapons, Tools and Actions

Weapons can be selected by right clicking with the mouse and selecting the symbol. Alternatively they can be selected quickly by using the Function (F) keys. Some require pressing of a key twice.

They keys relate to the following:

Worms Weapons and Tools



Max Damage Points





F1 x2

Homing Missile

Homing Missile




Grenade (not affected by the wind)


F2 x2

Cluster BombBanana Bomb

Cluster Bomb (not affected by the wind) /
Banana Bomb (not affected by the wind)

30 per segment
75 per segment



Shotgun (x2 shots)

25 per shot

F3 x2


Uzi Automatic Machine Gun / Minigun




Fire Punch


F4 x2


Dragon Ball






F5 x2






Air Strike


F6 x2







F7 x2







F8 x2

Ninja Rope

Ninja Rope




F9 x2

Skip Go

Skip Go





F10 x2







F11 x2

Mole Bomb

Mole Weapon (not affected by the wind)


Supply Crate

Supply crates are dropped at random intervals and usually contain useful items in the form of upgrades and secret weapons. Some weapons are so powerful that Worms can be blasted off the screen resulting in an instant kill. Crates can also be destroyed making for a larger explosion; a useful tactic as it inflicts more damage. Be warned however, that sometimes these are bobby trapped and will explode upon contact. Contents can include:

Mole Bomb
Health Bonus +25
Super Health Bonus +50
Super Sheep
Super Grenade
Super Banana Bomb

Main Menu

When the game loads will you be presented with the main options menu.

Main Menu

Play Game - Start a game with the current settings. At least 2 teams must be selected before a game can start.

Team Entry - Customise team and Worm names. A maximum of 16 teams of 4 Worms can be entered any of which can be CPU controlled. Worms already has default teams created. Entering a new team will delete the old Worm data for that team slot.

The details and records of your teams will be stored and the data used to create a Top 8 Ranking Worm-List.

Worm Options - Access an array of options for tweaking the gameplay. These are described in detail below.

Worm Rankings - The screen reveal the top 8 Worms from the current list. How hard is your Worm?

Challenge Mode - A fantastic new mission based game for single players has been added. The aim is to take your team through increasingly difficult missions and earn a top score/rank. To play the game, select one player from the roster and click on PLAY.

Challenge Rankings - At the end of a challenge game, you'll receive a score and a time should you manage to complete all the missions. High scores and best times are displayed in the CHALLENGE RANKINGS section.

Credits - A listing of all people involved in bringing you this version of Worms.

Exit - Return to DOS Prompts


There is a vast array of options to tweak the gameplay accessed from the title screen. It is worth tweaking them every now and then to make the game interesting. For example, give all Worms 400 health.

Descriptions for the games options has been lifted from the games manual.

Game Options

Move time
(10 seconds - Unlimited time, default = 60 Secs)

The shorter the move time, the tougher the game and the quicker you must think. When first playing the game and exploring weapons, unlimited time is recommended.

As soon as you become experienced, switch back to a timed game as its much more fun and the pressure really piles on. The default is 60 seconds to allow players to get comfortable with the movement and weapons selection. Most people play with 30 seconds per move as this reduces the wait in-between turns and is a tried and tested time period.

Rounds required to win
(1-9, Default =2)

Basically this is how many rounds you must win in order to win the match. If there are a lot of you, or you do not have much time to spare, setting the level to 1 is perhaps a good option. It also means business and the realisation that one mistake could cost you the whole shooting match!

Round time
(5 mins - infinite, 15 mins is the default)

The round time. Infinite round time means that its an all out fight to the death! If a round time is called (there is a default of 15 minutes) then the game is drawn unless you wish the game to go into Sudden0Death Extra Time (see later).

Worm placing
(Entirely random or in groups of teams, default = random)

This governs whether your worm are place at random across the landscape, or in groups of teams.

Number of land mines
(1-8 or OFF. Default = 8)

Limits the number of landmines on the landscape. Mines are small and potentially fatal. If you don't like them you can turn them off! Personally, we love them and think that they add a lot to the gameplay. You can also shoot mines onto other worms (they only detonate if they are near a worm!).

Automated action replay
(On/Off. Default = ON)

Toggles automatic action replay of interesting (i.e 2 kills or more) and winning shots on and off.

Round time displayed
(On/Off. Default = OFF)

Determines if the remaining round time will be displayed on the bar at the top of the screen. This maybe used to determine strategies due to remaining time and commencement of sudden death.

Sudden Death Mode
(On/Off. Default = OFF)

If sudden death mode is on, the game will go into extra time after the round time has elapsed and all remaining worms will be reduced to 1 energy point.

Banzai mode
(On/off. Default = OFF)

This makes all explosions have the strength of dynamite...the consequences are rip roaring explosions that send Worms flying.

Action tracking mode
(on/off. Default = ON)

This great feature automatically tracks explosive and interesting action as it happens. It saves you having to pan around with the mouse in order to keep up with play.

(On/off. Default = OFF)

Retains unused weapons for next round. Any weapons found in crates that are unused are also retained.

Airstrike delay
(1/2/3/off. Default = OFF)

Airstrike arrives later in the game as a reinforcement. You can set the number of complete team turns before this happens. We prefer to make people wait for the airstrike so vulnerable Worms can get cover.

Homing missile delay
(1/2/3/off. Default = 1)

Homing missile arrives later in the game as a reinforcement.

Teleport delay
(1/2/3/off. Default = 1)

Teleport arrives later in the game as a reinforcement.

Level compatibility
(On/off. Default = OFF)

If ON gives the same levels (landscapes) as the original WORMS for the level codes. WORMS UNITED has different ones due to additional backdrops and audio.

Crate drops
(Off/Min/Med/Max, default = med)

The availability and timing of weapon drops. MAX drops the most crates and OFF determines that no crates will fall at all.

Wind level
(Off/Min/Med/Max, default = med)

The strength of the wind during the game.

Worm select
(on/off. Default = ON)

If selected, this will allow you to press TAB to select which Worm you wish to use. This way, you can keep using 1 Worm if you like! This allows a completely different strategy...

Worm retreat
(1/2/3/off. Default = 3)

After your offensive move, you have the option of 1 to 3 seconds to move your worms to safety. This allows for deeply strategic play.

Girder restrict
(on/off. Default = ON)

Limits the use of girders to an area surrounding the current worm and stops people from using the dark side (see later).

(on/off. Default = ON)

Just in case you don't like little flames...we aim to please.

Fall damage
(on/off. Default = ON)

If switched on, large falls slightly damage worms.

Booby traps
(Off/Min/Med/Max, default = MED)

Allows the weapons crates to be booby trapped to three degrees of intensity. The highest setting can damage a worm upto 25pts and the lowest 5pts.

Dud mines
(on/off. Default = ON)

If On, some mines will be dud and will not explode. Which ones? Nobody knows...are you feeling lucky today?

Mine explosion delay
(Off/1/3, default = 1)

When coming in contact with a mine, you have 1 or 3 seconds before it will explode. This gives you slightly more chance...

Continue same land
(on/off. Default = OFF)

If selected, this option will allow you to continue into the next round on the remain terrain. If Worms United is unable to place all the Worms (ie. The amount of land remaining is small) then it wall automatically generate a new terrain. The remaining terrain will be shown in the land generation overview and its possible to manually override it.

Clear league statistics

The option resets the score for the teams, simple as that!

Weapon Options

You can configure the availability and the number of available weapons in order to craft the style and content of the game.

By changing the initial availability of weapons and restricting use of certain tools, you can seriously affect the strategies that will be adopted during the game.

If a weapon if OFF it is unavailable.
If a weapon is ON it is infinitely available.
Alternatively, a weapon can be used 1-9 times during the round.

Extra weapons are also dropped in weapon-crates during play. These are as follows. Bear this in mind when toggling weaponry on and off; Airstrike, Teleports, Cluster Bombs, Dynamite, Minigun, Banana Bombs, Homing Missiles and Killer Sheep.

Combating Negative or "dark side" play

Some people, even some of our people, elect to play the game with what has been known as "the dark side" methods. Usually this involves heavy digging and hiding away, teleporting to far reaches and the negative use of girders. If you find that this becomes too much for you, you can tailor the game to ensure that people cannot use such tactics.

Of course, you will soon find what balance of weapon suits your groups play best. Do experiment and tinker with the balance of the game, but the defaults we setup are what we consider to be very reasonable for getting the best out of the game - as long as the spirit of action and derring-do remain!

Load/Save Options

This menu allows you to save the configuration of the game and all Worm teams and data. You can also reset to the default configuration and reload saved data. The game will automatically save all data on exiting the game and will automatically reload and saved configuration prior to play.

List Custom Files

Here you can check which CUSTOM files are on your hard disk. You can switch between Samples and Landscapes. Click on the filename to move through them, a right-click takes you back the other way.

Audio Options

Music Volume - Change the volume level of the background audio effects.

SFX Volume - Change the volume level of the in-game sound effects.

Sound Quality - Change the frequency of the SoundBlaster output. This can affect slower machines and should be turned down if you have a slow system.

Test SFX - Try out the sound effects.

Test CD Track - Try out the CD audio.

Wormsong - The specially recorded WORM SONG! Available here!

Video Options

FMV On/Off

CD Owners may choose to turn the FMV cartoons on or off. FMV sequences can be exited by pressing ESC during playback.

Zooming Between turns

If you have a lower spec machine, or if the zooming irritates you, then switch it off. Default is off.


Toggle double-buffering on/off. This makes the screen scrolling smoother, but costs in terms of processing time. Switch this to on if you have a fast specification machine. Default is off.

Taken from the manual


The Landscapes
Forest Arctic



Hell Tropics



Desert Alien



Junk farm



Candy Moon



Cash War



Custom Team 17 Custom Worms

Custom Team17

Custom Worms

Cut Scenes

You can view the various cutscenes of the game online at YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1yCUCCYtF0


Ninja Rope is particularly useful because if you were to fall it would negate the fall damage.

Extra Weapons

At any time during the game enter BOBJOB to activate the Mini-Gun, unlimited Banana Bombs plus Sheep Bombs. Type BOJBOB to remove them.

This can also be entered at the Weapons Options screen. This cheat is revealed to you after completing the Challenge Mode.

Activating Mole Bombs

Here is a pre-modded default/blank worms.cfg file you can download providing infinite Mole Bombs. Simply copy this file into your Worms directory.

In order to do this you need to modify the worms.cfg file using the DOS Debug command. This can be tricky to do now since the command is not available by default under DOSBOX. In order to use the DEBUG command, DOSBOX requires set ver 7 10 being entered first.

The procedure is:

Go to your worms directory in DOS, and type DEBUG WORMS.CFG and press ENTER
At the prompt type e12c8 and press ENTER
Now type the number of Mole Bombs you want, eg: 05, and press ENTER. A value of FF gives infinite.
Type 'W' and press ENTER. Bytes will be written to the file.
At the prompt type 'Q' and press ENTER.

Mega Damage

A nasty but effective trick is to place a cluster bomb (or banana bomb for greater effectiveness) in the landscape next to a worm. The explosion will cause a major amount of damage if not death. Be warned you will need to escape the blast too!

Mega Damage 2

Select a weapon that you can aim with such as grenade, bazooka, shotgun etc. Set your target allowing a lot of room incase of blowback. Right-click on the mouse to bring up the weapons menu. Move the pointer over the uzi/minigun, hold down F1 and SPACE, then hit the left hand mouse button. An immensely powerful blast will ensue!

Using the Kamikaze

If you intend to use a kamikaze attack, they are most effective on landscapes that have very large bridges.

Single Player Passwords



Below are instructions on how to play the original DOS game on modern PC's. This will be for a standard local game; no serial/dial-up or LAN.

Technical Info

Worms United is a DOS program. It usually runs under Windows 95/98 with no problems. However, running under Windows XP/Vista/7 and later is either not possible or problematic.

For reliable running of the game under these operating systems it is recommended to use DOSBox as it is very simple to get working. You can download the latest version from http://www.dosbox.com/. There are also versions for various Linux distributions and Mac.

For reference, these are the original PC recommended system requirements for the game.

Worms System Reccomendations


486 DX4-100
1MB Video Card
Soundblaster 16 / AWE 32/ Ultrasound (1024K)
20MB Hard Disk space
Optional IPX Compatible LAN Card

Installation and Running

The following instructions are for the CDROM version but should work for the floppy disc versions only requiring changing the drive letter for your floppy disc. If your PC does no longer have a floppy disc drive then you are stuffed.

Under DOSBox mouse support is automatically enabled.

Create a folder on your hard disc to store your game and act as Drive C: I have several DOS games and keep them in a folder called C:\OLDGAMES.

Copy the instructions in the screenshots below. My CD/DVD drive is drive D: You may need to change this depending on your system.

Worms United under DOSBox

You can skip the line for CDROM support and skip the screens with the Worms installer if you have extracted files from a download of the shareware version. Instead you will need to mount that folder as drive C:

Press ENTER after install.

Worms United under DOSBox Worms United under DOSBox Worms United under DOSBox Worms United under DOSBox

Install Game to folder C:\WORMS. It will actually install to C:\OLDGAMES\WORMS.

Worms United under DOSBox Worms United under DOSBox Worms United under DOSBox

When install completes type WORMS and press ENTER. The game should load.

Worms United under DOSBox
Worms United under DOSBox

To run the game anytime, follow the instructions in the screenshot below.

Worms United under DOSBox

Customising Worms

One of the cool features about WORMS is the ability to customise the landscapes (graphics and conditions such as gravity) and sound effects in the game.

The CDROM contains all the documentation and utilities for doing this. There are plenty of files available online made by users available for download. Check out the links below.

I will consider providing guides on how to create these using more modern programs (the original utilities are DOS based) if people register their interest with me but I doubt this practice continues with this version of the game.


Official Website

Official home of the Worms franchise.


Team 17 Official FTP Site

Many custom landscapes, sounds, patches, utilities, movies and demos of later games can be found there.


Worms at Dream 17

A good source for all things Worms. It has the soundtrack to United (and others) available to download.


Worms Knowledgebase

Not only has background information but also provides a lot of technical information regarding the file formats Worms (and some sequels) use in order to customise the game.


Worms Unofficial Fansite/FAQ

Answers many of the burning questions you may have about these early Worms games.


Worms Unofficial Fansite/FAQ

Has lots of information and landcapes to download!


Many Gameplay Videos



Worms United

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