This morning I woke up and abused my husband until he went and made me breakfast. I abused him when he got back because I felt like it.

On my way into work I abused the other drivers on the road. I abused one driver especially as he drove straight in front of me for no apparent reason. The abuse lasted for a good stretch of the road and lasted so long that I missed my turning so I had to turn back which meant that I was late for work.

I abused many people during the day, most of them via the telephone as well as the other people in the office. I had to abuse one person greatly because they boiled the kettle and objected when I took all of their water. I then abused the photocopier because it was there.

I arrived home to find that my husband was not there so I intend to abuse him further when he gets home.

Abuse Report Episode 2

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