Today I was able to abuse many people at the same time whilst I was in a meeting at work. I went on to abuse these people further as they were talking about work things which I did not want to talk about which then only made my abusive mood worse for the afternoon.

During my lunch break I abused several people via the telephone because I was bored with by book even though I was disturbed by one person which meant that he had to be greatly abused. I then went on to peruse him down the office abusing him as he delivered some scruffy paperwork.

On my way home I had to visit my dentist for a routine checkup. I abused the girl in reception to get me warmed up. I abused the dentist as he examined my teeth. He did mention something about my breath but said I needed no work doing but gave me an injection. I was going to abuse him further for being slow and making me have to wait. Instead, I saved all of my abuse for when my husband arrived home.

Abuse Report Episode 4

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