Today was a special day. I was able to abuse everybody who came up to me and mentioned that is was my 29th birthday. Telling them I was 29 made it possible to abuse them further as they did not believe me when I told them I was only 29 even though I am 42.

The good start to the day was ruined when my printer decided to behave like an arsehole. I spoke to an engineer who was useless and now I will have to go to the other end of the bloody office to get my print outs. This does mean I will abuse everybody else who is by the printer when I go and stomp up and down the office because I want to.

When I arrive home my husband should have prepared something for my day like I ordered him to. I'm hoping for a party or something social where I can abuse everybody who shows up. It should be good!.

Abuse Report Episode 6

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