Today I had a great day at work because none of the management twits came in. Not that they have ever stopped me from abusing everybody anyway but without them I was able to abuse everybody more intensely and I can just blame the othersin the office for me not getting any work done.

For most of the morning I abused the bloke sitting near me and the woman who does nothing but talk on the phone all day. She is apparently something to do with sales. I stomped like I usually do down the other end of the office where all the abusees were. Because they are all close by in the same area because they are all thick and can not have their own office I was able to abuse them for ages without having to move round much. It was a shame that they did not answer back much because I could have abused them longer.

Instead about an hour later I went back to give more abuse and especially to one person because he I have decided that he is there purely for me to abuse. I thought about abusing the lowlife in the workshop but I'm saving that for tomorrow.

Abuse Report Episode 10

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