Today I had a pleasant surprise. Whilst randomly abusing people in the office (because that's what I felt like doing) I caught two people pouring their slops of tea and coffee into my plants I have about the office. This naturally triggered me to abuse them for a good 45 minutes. I retaliated by abusing the milkman so that he won't be delivering for the foreseeable future and I have mixed some of the effected soil from the plants into the coffee. The bastards.

When driving home I had to abuse the stereo in my car because it had chewed up my Britney Spears tape. I did this when I had to stop at a bloody zebra crossing only to find that I myself was being abused for waiting when I could have drove off. Because I was there for only about 10 minutes this triggered me to return the abuse with the driver behind getting the middle finger a few times.

Abuse Report Episode 17

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