Today at work I got a call from my bloody sister. She wants me to baby-sit while she goes out with her dick-head husband. At first I felt compelled to abuse her because; she interrupted me whilst abusing at work and because I wanted to - but I then had second thoughts.

It occurred to me that after having immense fun abusing her vulnerable little children in various ways I could rummage through all of her and her husbands things to look for anything interesting to mention in conversations at the next family event or something.

48 Hours Later

My sister's children were abused until they fell asleep. I hurled a continuous stream of junior school level abuse at them (telling my niece know how fat she is mostly) and after locking them in their rooms I settled into thoroughly looking through my sisters bedroom searching for her more personal items. I was then interrupted by one of her bitch friends phoning up. As I had been abusing children for the evening I was eager to abuse a more mature person. The abuse was strong and she only got about 2 words in before I slammed the phone down on her.

By the time my sister and her husband came back I was pissed off because I didn't find anything good on them so I abused them before I stormed off home. I made sure I slammed the door as I left to try and wake the children up.

When I got home I found that my husband was having his own party with his tosspot friends unbeknownst to me. This definitely called for major levels of strong larger-lout compatible abuse. I went in and began abusing my husband. Whilst doing so one of his tosspot friends attempted to abuse me. Whilst somewhat touching, I counter abused them and kicked them out and turned to continue abusing my husband further.

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