Dreamcast Jap | 1998

VF3 was of the first ever Dreamcast games and subsequently a launch title for the machine. It was released in the arcades on the highly powerful Model 3 arcade board and ported to the DC showing it had the power necessary.

It was ported from the highly powerful and successful Model 3 arcade version.

The TB in the title means team battle and thus In this game you choose a team of 3 to go up against a CPU team of 3 in each round. Classic Virtua Fighter gunplay is an option. VF3 also adds a dodge/evade button letting you walk around your opponent. A somewhat controversial addition.

All the previous cast members return for this fight and 2 new characters - Aoi Umenokoji a high school student turned Virtua Fighter and Taka-arashi a sumo wrestler.

The game showcased some stunning Dreamcast visuals at the time and was a prelude of what the Dreamcast could do.

Screenshots can be found on the Virtua Fighter 3TB page in the Dreamcast Section.

Virtua Fighter 3 TB


Dreamcast Pal | 2001

Another game from the makers of Space Channel 5 is a music-and-rhythm-based polygon rail shooter set in the virtual world.

Your character is a hacker of sorts, flying through six levels of cyberspace in search of Eden, the central AI contained somewhere within the world.

The game play is like most rail shooters but comparative to that of Panzer Dragoon. You fly a predetermined course locking on and shooting down enemies and can look around you rather than just straight ahead.

What makes Rez such an incredible experience is the graphics and the sound. Visually the game is a work of art and no screenshot can do the game justice. Sound effects are an integral part of the pumping techno sound track. When ever you lock on or shoot down an enemy, beats are added to the music.

Rez is quite rare in itís PAL form as it was one of the last Dreamcast titles released. It has since been re-released on Playstation 2 and can be found quite easily.



Dreamcast Jap | 1998

The acclaimed Sega Rally gets updated for the Model 3 arcade board and ultimately ported to the Dreamcast for a launch title.

The highly simplistic game play of the original is intact for instant playability with the addition of a hand brake button for some craft power sliding. There is also some extra cars and tracks over the arcade version. The addition of a 10 year championship mode adds plenty of longevity over the simple blast-thorough in arcade mode.

Sega Rally 2 was also released on the PC. The original Sega Rally has just been released for Gameboy Advance.

The guy behind this game and others like Rez and Space Channel 5 Tetsuya Mizuguchi has since retired from Sega.

Sega Rally 2


Saturn Pal | 1997

Another fantastic title from hardcore game developers Treasure. This is a mega intense side scrolling 2D beat em up.

The Guardian Heroes are a group of mercenaries that are seeking a legendary sword. They find it only to be pulled into a war to save the kingdom from a corrupt royal family and a feud with wizards and spirits thatís raged for 1000ís of years.

There are multiple routes that you can take to complete the game each with different levels. This has an effect on the games story as different plot twists happen depending on your route.

At times the action is so intense you can not see yourself on the screen. A 2 player game is a must for it is of immense fun.

Another mode is the tournament mode supporting up to 6 players should you have the necessary equipment.

This game is the closest thing to a Streets of Rage 4 on the Saturn. It is a relatively high sought after game in PAL format and fetches high prices on Ebay.

A port or updated version on a modern console would kick serious ass!

Guardian Heroes


Mega Drive Pal | 1993

A puzzle based platformer from Travellers Tales.

Puggsy is stranded and has had his spaceship stolen. Now you must get it back and head home. Before you can do that there is an entire island to search filled with perplexing puzzles and hazards.

The game has some nice cutesy graphics with some impressive effects being produced from the Mega Drive.

Puggsy was also released on Amiga and Super Nintendo. An upgraded version of Puggsy was released for the Mega CD sometime after.

You can check out a Puggsy features here for

Puggsy Mega Drive Version