Dreamcast PAL 2002

Developed by Amuse this game was one of the later Dreamcast to be released and is a solid item in any Dreamcast owners collection.

Set in the near future, Headhunter follows the story of Jack Wade, a leading officer of the privatized law enforcement group known as the Anti-Crime Network (ACN). He was leading until he lost his memory. The games story is advanced by a series of news-cast style FMV sequences.

The gameplay is a blend of action and stealth. Both techniques equally apply. The camera is mostly set in third person perspective though there are some sections that move to first person. Along the way will be the odd puzzle to be solved and boss encounters.

Between each of the missions you ride your trusty motorbike to the next location. This is a game itself as the city is quite busy. The city itself creates quite an in-depth setting for the game.

Graphically the game scores well chugs along at a solid 30fps. Music and SFX are of decent quality.

This version was only released in Europe. Headhunter was also ported to the Playstation 2 in 2002. A sequel Headhunter: Redemption was released in 2004 for the X Box and Playstation 2.



Dreamcast PAL 2001

From Sega Hitmaker comes another arcade shooter ported to the Dreamcast.

Confidential Mission is basically Virtua Cop with secret agents. You play a government agent who’s task it is recover a satellite stolen by the Agares Corporation.

The game plays out like most other arcade shooters blasting your way through thugs and henchmen to reach an end of round boss. At certain points there are special events where you will be tested. One example is stopping up vents of poisonous gas. Success will grant you a small shortcut.

Generally the graphics are super smooth with some nice effects. Sega’s appalling yet amusing voice acting is present.

Naturally with this type of game there is very little fun to be had playing with a standard controller. Confidential Mission gives you plenty more reason to use that light-gun you probably paid loads for.

Confidential Mission was originally released in the arcades in 2000 on the Naomi arcade board.

Confidential Mission


Genesis 1995

Coming right at the end of the era of the Mega Drive is Vectorman 2 from Bluesky.

In the previous game Vectorman defeated archenemy, Warhead! And returned to being a garbage bot. On route back to Earth his ship is attacked and he crashes in a toxic swamp where the insects have become massive!

The game sticks with the same visual styles and stunning graphics as the original Vectorman.

This game was only ever released in the US.

Vectorman 2


Mega CD 1995

This is an enhanced version of the Mega Drive classic that did not appeared on other machines.

Earthworm Jim was one of the best platformers of the 16-Bit era and is well known for it’s graphical presentation and humour.

Unlike other Mega Drive to CD “enhancements” Earthworm Jim SE actually has something extra to offer. Enhancements include larger versions of the original levels and a new one, more weapons, more secrets, CD audio sound track and some better visuals.

Earthworm Jim later received a sequel – Earthworm Jim 2 and was released on Mega Drive, Snes, Saturn, PC and Gameboy Advance. Eathworm Jim 3D was also released on the N64. It even went on to have an animated series.


Earthworm Jim Special Edition


Mega Drive PAL 1990

Argued as the best Shinobi title ever this game brings back Joe Mushashi in one of the most popular Mega Drive titles ever. In this game are after the corporation of Neo Zeed who has kidnapped your girlfriend.

As most side-scrolling platformers go you progress your way through missions across varying environments ranging from a valley of waterfalls to an urban scrap yard.

On Route will be thugs, ninja’s, samurais amongst others attacking you. You defeat them using your sword and shurikens. To assist you is Ninjitsu (Ninja magic). Thrown in will be the odd obstacle such as laser beams and bottomless falls etc. There are plenty of bosses to fight which ultimately resulted in there being 3 versions of the game!

At the time the graphics in the game was the best and the soundtrack is still pretty acclaimed as one of the best for a game.

Another sequel Shinobi 2: Shadow Dancer appeared in the arcades but was never ported to any Sega console.

The Revenge of Shinobi was released in the arcades and an unrelated version has recently been released for Gameboy Advance.

The Mega Drive version appeared on the Mega Games 2 3-in-1 collection and the Sega Classics 5-in-1 collection for the Mega CD.

A feature to the original Shinobi (Master System) can he found here.

Revenge of Shinobi