X Box Pal 2004

The latest Sonic game from Sonic Team and the first to be released on all major platforms simultaneously.

It is a full 3D Sonic affair in a similar vein to the Sonic Adventure series.

This game takes the approach of Team game play. You have the choice of Team Sonic, Team Chaotix, Team Rose and Team Dark. Each team member has their own skills and itís vital to use all the skills in your team to progress through the levels. Each team also has their own quest.

For team Sonic, Dr Robotnik announces that he has finally completed his ultimate weapons and in 3 days will bring the world to itís knees. You naturally have to save the day.

Along with some of the best graphics in a Sonic game are plenty of levels and catchy tunes. But what the hell happened to Tailís voice?

Checkout the offical Sonic Heroes website for all the details.

Sonic Heroes


Game Cube Pal 2003

The prequel title to the first classic Resident Evil and is the first Ďnewí Rezzy game for the Game Cube.

RE0 begins July 1998 set 24 hours before the events of Resident Evil. A bizarre set of murders results in the dispatch of the elite STARS. Doing recon in their helicopter it promptly crashes on the discovery of a wrecked train.

You play the part of Rebecca and set out to investigate the train and the game begins. Soon into, you encounter an escaped convict by the name of Billy Coen.

Apart from well established puzzle solving RE game play, In this game you control both characters and use each of their strengths to make progress and survive.

The game sets the scene well. It has great graphical effects and some really eerie and atmospheric sounds.

Resident Evil Zero


Game Cube Pal 2003

Another version of Bust a Move released for the Game Cube.

Not much to report other than itís a general make over of the original Bust a Move formula with cute graphics, bright colours and hideously annoying music.

New features include 8 playable characters to choose from and 2 secret ones and a 4 player split screen mode for added fun.

Super Bust a Move All Stars


Super Nintendo Pal 1994

The classic title from Rare for Nintendo. At the time the graphics in the game were state of the art despite being based on the aging 16-Bit Super NES.

Rare used a technique of using images rendered on Silicon Graphics machines and using them as sprites in the game. Coupled with great game play the game became a massive hit.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong set about searching the island for their missing collection of bananas. King K. Rool, an evil crocodile with an army of minions had stolen the family's collection, an offense that merited the punishment of having his head jumped on by a 200-pound gorilla.

This game is up there with the great 2D platformers ever. You can throw barrels, ride mine carts, find helper animals and there are plenty of secrets to find. The game can be played as a single player, 2 player co-op or 2 player contest.

After this game was 2 more Donkey Kong Country titles appeared on the SNES and this game has recently been released for Gameboy Advance.

Donkey Kong Country