Dreamcast Jap | 2004

The latest in a line of shoot em upís for Dreamcast fans. This game is another arcade port of a Naomi arcade original.

It is a vertical shooter with a few interesting twists on the genre. The stages are not the usual screen-filled of bullets coming from swarms on enemies. Instead you will just engage several huge boss ships in each round. You can choose to combat these ships in the ordered field or chaos field at any time by hitting the B button. The chaos field instantly increases the difficulty but with higher rewards on offer.

Could this be the last Dreamcast game ever? Surely not....

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Chaos Field


Neo Geo Pocket Colour | 1999

One of Sonic the Hedgehogís earliest forays onto a non-Sega console.

Pocket Adventure in an interesting blend of several Mega Drive Sonic games and visually coming very close to the style of Sonic 2. The games special stage is actually the same.

Whilst there is no specific story detailed in the games manual but you can be sure it has something to do with Robotnik wanting the Chaos Emeralds.

In addition to the traditional Sonic gameplay another goal is to collect a batch of puzzle pieces and construct character images. With some Time Trial modes and a link-up ability itís a brilliant adventure for a nifty little console.

Copies can still be found relatively easy in places like Gamestation or grab yourself a copy off Ebay for a bargain price.

For an in-depth feature of the game check out the Sonic Pocket Advenutre Page.

Sonic Pocket Adventure


Master System

Side scrolling arcade fun from one of Segaís oldest heroes. Coded by Westone, this game is an offshoot of the Hudsonsoft game, Adventure Island which is in just about every model of those arcade-tv-plug-in things you see everywhere.

The simple story involves our lad Tom-Tom rescuing your best friend Tanya from the clutches of a demon king.

Gameplay is horribly addictive. You run left to right through a course of obstacles. Getting hit usually kills you. On your way you kill snakes, wasps, avoid falling rocks, navigate connecting platforms amongst all other things.

Coupled with some nice graphics and a catchy background tune (love it or hate it) this game is remembered fondly by those who have ever played it.

This game is port of the arcade original (playable in MAME) and has appeared on loads of platforms including, PC Engine, ZX Spectrum. A true showcase title of the 8-Bit era.

Wonder Boy continued in several different forms on Game Gear and Mega Drive.

Wonder Boy