Game Cube Pal | 2003

The original classic that was Sonic Adventure and launched the Dreamcast is re-released for the Game Cube sporting improved graphics, more adventure and tonnes of unlockable extras including 12 Sonic games released on the Game Gear playable through emulation.

As in the original game Robotnik is out to destroy Station Square with his technology and with assistance of an ancient creature who feeds of Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and pals must stop him. You can choose from 6 characters who each have their own story in the game.

Adventure DX has also been released on PC. You can download off the net a playable demo.

Sonic Adventure DX


Mega Drive Pal | 1994

The arcade classic that is Bomberman arrives on the Mega Drive and is definitely one of the better console versions with itís addictive gameplay.

Your planet needs to be made whole again after being blasted into 5 pieces. Blast your way through scrolling mazes collecting power-ups and defeating enemies.

You can play the normal story mode or battle modes against the CPU or other players with up 4 participants.

Many more Bomberman games have appeared on numerous systems. The latest has been Bomberman Generations on Nintendo Game Cube.

Mega Bomberman


Arcade 1993 - Capcom Play System

Punisher, the comic book character makes his first appearance in a game and in one of the best arcade side scrolling beat em ups of all time.

You must clean up the streets by beating through hoards of enemies that come at you using your muscle-bound talents and the arsenal of weapons from axes to flamethrowers. The game is excellent fun in 2 player mode.

This game was also converted to the Mega Drive. Punisher Ė The Movie is due out sometime in 2004 and no doubt a game will follow. Donít think itís gonna be 2D beat em up though.



Dreamcast Jap | 2000

A vertical shooter of sorts from well known Japanese shoot em up developers Psyiko. The game is set in the near future where you typically have to save the planet from an alien invasion. You can choose between 3 aircraft; Apache, Hokum and Comanche each with their own proís and cons.

The game has some great graphics and is a top-notch arcade conversion for the Dreamcast.

The original Zero Gunner was released in the arcades on the Sega ST-V board (Saturn) in 1997.

Zero Gunner 2


Super Nintendo Pal | 1991

The game that launched the Super NES all those years ago. The game took the already established Mario gameplay and made everything bigger.

At the end of Mario 3 the gang want to take a holiday but suprise suprise the Princess is captured. Apart form saving the Princess Toadstool you must also help the dinosaurs who are native to the island and are being repressed.

You play either Mario or Luigi as you begin your quest to rescue the princess toadstool from Bowser. This time you have the help of Yoshi Ė a small little dinosaur who gives Mario the ride round and swallows just about anything!

The game was a showcase for the Super NES when it was first released featuring some sprite scaling (Mode 7) and some colours.

Super Mario World