Mega Drive Pal | 1994

Alien Solider is from top hardcore developer Treasure.

You out to save the planet A-Earth from a terrorist group called Scarlet created by A-Human and lead by XI-Tiger. Before Xi-Tiger was in charge Epsilon Eagle was and the group decide they want Epsilon back. Xi-Tiger wants to stay in control and a conflict begins.

The game is a side scrolling, high action, platform, shoot em up. You must blast your way through 25 stages of fast frenzied action across landscapes, inside stations, in space to name but a few some huge bosses to defeat including the formidable Seven Force from Guardian Heroes.

This game is simply a masterpiece and is one of the best games I have ever played.

Alien Solider was only released on the Mega Drive and was one of the latest games for the machine. It is quite a rare find and the PAL version sometimes go up to 100 on ebay. Would be excellent to see it updated for a modern console.

Alien Soldier


Arcade - Capcom Play System

Final Fight is generally regarded as one of the greatest side scrolling beat em ups of all time.

Play as either Cody, Haggar and Guy and fight your way through the streets of Metro City to rescue the city's newly elected mayors daughter.

You can play either on your own or in 2 player simultaneous mode. Punch, kick and throw your way through the 4 rounds till you reach the big baddie.

For emulation the game is best played with Callus o Callus 95 which are a little dated now but the later versions of Nebula should play it just fine.

Final Fight was also released on numerous consoles with an excellent port for the Mega CD. In 2002 a version for the Gameboy Advance was released with extra scenes.

Final Fight


Mega Drive Jap | 1994

Another somewhat unofficial update the classic Sega arcade title Golden Axe. This game follows the same formula as the previous games - you and your team battle across the kingdom using either raw muscle power with the help of mystical forces of water, earth, lightening and fire.

The game has several improvements over the previous games. The levels are much larger and branch off into different routes. Being a side scrolling beat em'up 2 player co-operative games are always the most fun.

The game was released only in Japan for the Mega Drive in 1994. A Golden Axe game was released for the Saturn, Golden Axe: The Duel as a 1-on-1 2D beat em up.

Golden Axe 3