X Box Pal | 2004

A first person shooter from UBI. Based on a French comic book from the 80s it captures the comic feel with a well applied use of cell shaded graphics.

Your character is XIII or 13. You start the game being washed up on a beach with X III tattooed on your chest and gunshot wounds suffering from amnesia. Along the way you will find people who will help you and others out to kill you.

The game play is typical FPS. You proceed around buildings taking out guards and henchmen with an assortment of weapons.

Some nice touches include the use of objects like chairs and trays for non lethal attacks and the taking of hostages when needing to make it though some difficult areas.

The game is very well presented. Some events are played out with comic strips and there are some nice onscreen effects like bombs explode with the word kaboom!

The game is also available for PC, Game Cube and PS2.



X Box Pal | 2004

The fallout beween Viacom and Activision has resulted in no Trek games being released. Shattered Universe comes from developers Starsphere and is the first Star Trek title for the X Box. Lets not hope this game is a sign of things to come.

The game takes place on the USS Excelsior under the command of Captain Sulu. On a rescue mission you are transported to the mirror universe (as depicted through episodes of TOS and DS9) where the federation is an evil empire and Sulu is accused of treason. You are now on the run searching for a way back.

Unfortunately, the game play is very bland. You will control a range of fighter craft on missions which although have a premise of collecting raw materials or exploration will tend to always boil down to defending Excelsior and destroying enemy ships. In summation the words under and exploited spring to mind.

By far not the best space combat sim or Star Trek game but released as a budget title of around 20 and you can get it from Amazon for about 15 it could be worse. The game is also released on PS2.

Star Trek: Shattered Universe


Dreamcast Pal | 2000

JSR is one of the most vibrant and stylish games ever and a showcase Dreamcast title.

This game debuted the used of Cell Shading a graphical technique used to give a cartoon look. It has been used in recent games like Viewtiful Joe and X III.

You are a member of the GGs - a gang skating around the streets of Tokyo-to covering it with their art. Unfortunately they are not alone. 3 Other gangs are encroaching on your turf. As well as keeping them under control there are the plans of an evil corporation to tackle too.

For game play you skate around grinding on railings, fences, riding on top of cars and busses

The soundtrack to the game is ace. Plenty of pumping and catchy beats to make it through.

Jet Set Radio was also released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. The next title; Jet Set Radio Future was released on the X Box in 2002.

Jet Set Radio


Mega Drive Pal | Psygnosis 1993

A fast action platformer of a type from Psygnosis.

The game has simple gameplay. Get the wabbits and get out as quick as you can. Along the way you can spells from 100+ to help. There are some quirky little bonus games to be found too like rip-offs of Space Invaders and Arkanoid.

The game follows the story of 2 wizards whos magical spell has displaced their beloved pet wabbits. They embark around their home of the planet Pum to find them.

For more information about the game checkout this page for the feature. Wiz 'N' Liz Feature

Wiz 'N' Liz