X Box Pal | 2004

One of the most highly anticipated games of all time gets released finally gets released.

The Master Chief is back to save to world. In this game we are showed much more of The Covenantís society. The game begins with you defending Earth itself from a Covenant attack and events take you to the insides of a Covenant

As you progress through the game you not only play the role as the Master Chief but also a Covenant warrior shamed with the responsibility of Haloís destruction in the first game.

The gameplay is everything that made the original such as classic. There are a few enhancements such as the ability to dual wield weapons for extra firepower and high jack vehicles driven my enemies. Coupled with online play, co-operative modes and plenty of reason to revisit the single player campaign.

Graphics have been upped a notch. The game flows smoother, the cut scenes are more detailed and some of the environments are more striking to look at. The audio department is simply stunning in both the quality and the amount of sounds that play at any time.

The game is available in 2 flavors; standard and limited edition. The latter comes in a metal case with a bonus DVD with documentaries about the games development and other stuff for the true fan.

Halo 2


X Box Pal | 2004

2D frantic side-scrolling action arrives on the X Box in the form of Metal Slug 3 Ė a brilliant installment of the classic cartoon-style shooter Neo Geo and arcade series.

Gameplay - itís basically you against everything else on screen and the action is non-stop. The game has selectable characters, several combat vehicles and multiple routes through each stage. The 2 player co-operative mode is always immense fun if you can keep track of what is going on.

The game has quite a story to it concerning wars, alien experiments and other corruptions within military circles.

Apart from being just a straight arcade port there a few extras. By completing the game you unlock Storming the UFO Mothership and Fat Island.

At a bargain price of about £20 or around £15 for online itís a steal especially against the price of about £250 for the Neo Geo cart.

Metal Slug 3 has also been released on Game Cube and PS2 with Metal Slug Advance also been released on Gameboy Advance. Metal Slug X (the previous game) has been released on Playstation.

Metal Slug 3


Game Cube Pal | 2003

Viewtiful Joe gets another dusting off ahead of the release of itís sequel and played on the more difficult V-Rated mode because itís such a great game.

Checkout this page for more about Viewtiful Joe.

A sequel is planned to be released in February 2005 and Viewtiful Joe (this game) has also been released on Playstation 2.

Viewtiful Joe