Saturn Pal | 1997

Segas internal Team Andromeda release a sequel to the cult classic 3D shooter that was Panzer Dragoon.

The story for the game is your village is suddenly attacked by the Empire with a huge battleship of ancient power. You depart of your

This game improves over the original in everyway - tweaked up game play, more levels with different routes, upgradeable dragons along with the best graphics ever seen on the Saturn and an enchanting soundtrack. This could be one of the Saturn showcase titles. Be assured than a feature on this game will be coming as this is one of my all time favorite games.

This was the last Panzer Dragoon game of this style on the Saturn. The last game on the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon Saga is a highly acclaimed RPG and also very rare especially in PAL format. It will easily sell for 120+ on Ebay.

Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei


X Box Pal | 2003

The original Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast is considered by most to be flawless and as such its sequal was highly anticipated.

Whilst the core gameplay remains the same there are new characters and modes to play. Returning characters get a few new moves at their disposal and new costumes. New warrioris in the cast are Raphael and Talim.

Like its predecessor; its super detailed, ultra slick moving graphics is what were treated to as we battle our oppents with our weapons in hand in some stunning arenas.

Soul Calibur 2 was a multiplatform release and each version has different unlockable guest charcaters. The X Box version has the Spawn, the comic book antihero character as unlockable, the Game Cube has Link from Ledgend of Zelda fame and the PS2 version has Heihachi Mishima from Tekken.

Soul Calibur 2


Saturn Pal | 1995

From developers Gremlin and was released in 1995. The game is a top view isometric shooter.

You can choose between 6 tough guys each looking slightly more abstract than the other.

You have been wrongly imprisoned in an insane asylum. Now you want to escape and more importantly get revenge. You stomp around the prison annihilating stroppy inmates and weapon turrets amongst other things.

Loaded was also released on Playstation and PC.



Mega Drive 32X | 1993

The only Sonic-type game to appear on the ill fated 32-Bit machine.

This game employs a bungee system - your character and another are connected by a bungee cord. You are to use this to your advantage but in most circumstances it just makes certain sections of the game mega irritating.

Knuckles and his gang are planning to open a theme park. You must scour the island in search of the Chaos Rings clearing out Robotniks metal minions as he has his sights on the powerful rings too.

Unfortunately, the game falls quite far from that of a true Sonic game, not because there is no Sonic character but in the gameplay yet it is considered part of the series.

Knuckles Chaotix