PC Windows

A first person shooter from Activision that uses the Quake 3 Engine to full effect to create highly detailed rendition of the starship Voyager as well as other environments such as Borg cubes. The cast of the show have contributed their voices to the game for extra authenticity though you need a patch for the delectable Seven of Nine.

After receiving a distress call and being subsequently attacked, Voyager is transported with some starship graveyard. Badly damaged and approaching a complete power loss you must find a way to restore power and return to normal space as well as repelling insect attacks and other ships wanted to tear Voyager in spare parts.

Though the story of the game is totally non-official Trek the game play is great. On your missions you will battle Borg drones, Klingons, Species 8472 and some more bizarre creatures as you try to break Voyager out of the void.

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force


PC Windows

From Activision - Armada is the first Star Trek based strategy game. You can control 4 races; The Federation, Klingons, Romulans and the Borg. Single player mode has a campaign for each race which connects with the overall story of the game.

You build bases, research centres and fleets of ships to dominate and complete your missions. You have access to tonnes of ships from the Star Trek universe and can develop new weapons for them.

The game is great when played online in scenarios like 2 vs 2 cooperative, 4 player yard wars where each player has a ship yard and a few ships and the last one standing wins and missions where you must get past a computer controlled fleet before attacking the other players.

A sequel was released a few years later. It has more depth to the game play and more races to control including the infamous Species 8472.

Star Trek Armada


X Box Pal | 2003

This game is the next title from the developers who created the legendary Halo. It is a squad based 3rd person shooter. You control a four man team with each member having a specific skill. Together you make up the newly commissioned 23rd special forces unit - Brute Force.

Brute Force is a combat unit for the Confederation. You travel to different planets and engage rebellious forces to restore order. The action is fast paced and intense.

The game sports some smooth and highly detailed visuals. New content can be downloaded through Xbox Live.

Brute Force


Saturn Jap

An intense arcade vertical shooter from shoot em up masters Raizing.

Basic story of a shooter - alien lifeforms taking over earth. You must blow them ou the sky.

You have a choice of two ships; either mackerel or scallop. . One is faster and the other is stronger. You blast your way through 6 levels of intense action to ultimately arrive at Mars and destroy the alien super ship.

This game is one of those good titles for the Saturn that was only released in Japan and is therefore one of the more collectible titles.



Mega Drive Pal | 1993

Segaís answer to Street Fighter 2 which was still hugely popular. It is a 1 on 1 2D beat em up.

Each character was destined to be a great champion yet they all suffered untimely deaths. You are brought to a tournament where the winner getís to live again.

This game has huge characters and some good visuals. Best played with a 6-button control pad.

Eternal Champions was also released for the Mega CD. This version was a major upgrade to the Mega Drive Version. Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side features a total of 24 characters, combo system, extremely gory death moves, CD audio and is rock solid to play.

Eternal Champions