PC DOS 1996

Worms United is a package that combines the original Worms with the addon that was Worms: Reinforcements.

The fun and addictive gameplay of Worms is simply made all the better. This version was the first to include Super Strength Banana Bombs, Super Strength Sheep and the Mole Bomb.

Also included as part of the extras is the ability to create your own sound sets for the worms and the levels if you want to. I myself created Beavis and Butthead and South Park sound sets and levels.

The game is still hugely enjoyable when pitching 4 of your mates against each other.

The original worms was also released on Mega Drive, Saturn and Playstation.

The series has gone on to have a whole litany of sequels on multiple platforms. The most recent being Worms: Forts released on X Box, PS2 and Game Cube.

Worms United


Saturn JAP 1997

The first instalment of SNK’s legendary shooter series arrived on the Saturn in 1997 and is the only Metal Slug game to appear on the console.

Gameplay for Metal Slug need not be explained. It’s simple Go-Right action.

The port is pretty exacting compared to the Neo Geo original . The game generally plays smoothly and the animation is superb. A single player game is a reasonable challenge and on hand is a 2-Player simultaneous mode which makes for some great fun.

New in this addition is Combat School. By doing well in Survival Mode and in Time Trial Mode you earn points which increases your military rank. Both modes have unlimited ammo and some minor changes to the Slug. There is also an art gallery.

Whilst here is a bit of slowdown with this version it pales in comparison to spending £1000 to play the real AES version. That said Metal Slug is not cheap on the Saturn either costing at least £100 and that is without the RAM cartridge that is required to play it!

Metal Slug


Saturn JAP

Sonic Wings Special is a remix version of all 3 Sonic Wings aka Areofighters games exclusively for the Saturn. These games were originally Neo Geo and Arcade releases.

The game rules are the same with all top-down vertical shooters. Your aircraft against enemy craft, ground forces with plenty of bullet dodging.

You can select from a bizarre range 12 characters and their aircraft’s. Different characters have different routes through the game.

Multiple endings, unlockable secrets (depending on character), supports 2 Player simultaneous play and Time Attack mode pad the game out nicely for replay value.

Whilst gameplay is sound enough the graphics in Sonic Wings do not make for a memorable experience nor does the audio but there is nothing particularly wrong with them.

An ok challenge of a game but compared to other shooters on the Saturn such as the mighty Battle Garegga it can seem a little thin. Incidentally it shares many visual traits with that of Strikers 1945 Pt 2.

Sonic Wings Special


PC Windows Direct3D 1999

From Microprose comes an excellent FPS using the Unreal Engine set in the Klingon culture of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

An assassination attempt has been made on Chancellor Gowron and leaves the Klingon Empire screaming for revenge. You play the role of a trainee honour guard.

There are 20 missions in total that will take you to various settings including a Klingon Bird of Prey, Rura Penthe Prison and the city of Tong Vey. Some missions require more brain than brute force.

Intense violence and brutal combat is the Klingon way of life You can arm yourself out of 10 weapons including the familiar disrupter, d’k tahg knives and (my personal favourite) the Bat’ leth for hand-to-hand combat.

By todays standards of 3D FPS the graphics are a little primitive however back in the day of the games release they were excellent and required a powerful machine to play upon.

These days most PC’s should handle the game at full speed. The game was also released on Apple Mac.

“Today is A Good Day to Die!”

Klingon Honour Guard