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Generally itís a very difficult time for Star Trek it has to be said lots of reasons that could be debated at length. Thereís a very good change the fifth series, Star Trek: Enterprise going to be cancelled at the end of itís third season mainly because of low viewer figures.

Blame for this is targeted the producers; Rick Berman and Brannon Braga primarily as well as the writers and UPN themselves.

UPN itself as a channel is having some trouble and Enterprise is actually itís highest rated show but cancellation may ultimately come for a financial reasons.

May 20th will be day UPN announce if the show is to be renewed for a 4th Season.

So in typical Star Trek fashion there is a fan petition to keep the show alive. Groups have got together to place full page adverts in papers, websites have been setup.

USA Today did a survey of shows that might now be renewed this year and asked for a vote as to which should be saved. Enterprise won with 70% of the entire votes going to the show. See this article on Trek Web for more details.

Fan sites like are urging fans to call UPN, fax, send letters and e-mails to voice their supports for the show.

As a result UPN have been flooded with so many calls that dedicated switchboards have been setup.

I myself did not think much of Enterprise after seasons 1 and 2. I almost give up on the show but season 3 has really picked things up. Episodes like Similtude, Azati Prime and Damage are so refreshing to see and the new arc based story makes you think about whatís going to happen. In itís improved form and new momentum it would a shame to see it go.

So come one people, lets not have a Star Trek series get cancelled. Itís been proved before that the fans can get things done. There are problems with Star Trek. There are still problems with Enterprise but we can change them! If not just for Enterprise then for Star Trek itself.

Until then we have the last few episodes of the season and the finale to one of the most exciting seasons in Trekís history.


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