Here is a random collection of classic SEGA tunes for you to reminiscence over presented in MP3 (VBR) format. This is not a Top 10 but rather a selection. It might grow as it was tough to limit this to just 10.

Click on any of the speakers to play the music. If you Right-Click and select Save Target.. then the tunes have artwork being the titlescreen of that game.

There are no Sonic tunes included as you can get all of them on their respective features in the Sonic The Hedgehog Area and there are plenty more tunes and sound effects on the various game features also.


Classic SEGA Tunes



Classic SEGA Tune

After Burner II (Arcade)

Take Off

Classic SEGA Tune

Alex Kidd In Miracle World (Master System)

Alex's Theme

Classic SEGA Tune

Altered Beast (Mega Drive/Genesis Version)

Rise From Your Grave

Classic SEGA Tune

Fantasy Zone (Arcade)

Opa-Opa! (Round 1)

Classic SEGA Tune

Golden Axe (Mega Drive/Genesis Version)

Wilderness (Round 1)

Classic SEGA Tune

Outrun (Arcade)

Splash Wave

Classic SEGA Tune

Shinobi (Master System Version)

Round 1

Classic SEGA Tune

Space Harrier (Arcade Version)

Theme of Harri

Classic SEGA Tune

Streets Of Rage (Mega Drive/Genesis Version)

Fighting In The Streets (Round 1)

Classic SEGA Tune

Wonderboy III: The Dragons Trap (Master System)

The Dragon's Castle (Labyrinth of No End)

Disclaimer: This music is not owned by me. It has been taken from their respective game titles. All credits go to the original owners.


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