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Alex Kidd In Miracle World
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Alex Kidd in Miracle World was released in 1986 and was many a Master System fans' introduction to SEGA. Its popularity was mostly through it's inclusion as one of built-in titles for SEGA's Master System consoles. Alex was part of SEGA's array of mascots at the time before Sonic the Hedgehog which also included other characters like Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone and Tom-Tom of Wonder Boy.

Alex Kidd

Miracle World was a high quality platformer for the time offering good graphics, solid gameplay and moderate challenge with the catchy theme tune remembered by most people who ever played the game. As a result it is generally considered the best in the series.

In 2012, SEGA re-released the game for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN in a SEGA Vintage compilation entitled Alex Kidd and Co. which also included The Revenge of Shinobi and Super Hang-On (Mega Drive/Genesis versions).

Since the 8-Bit adventures, Alex Kidd had one more game on the Mega Drive entitled Alex Kidd: The Enchanted Castle. and there have been no games since.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World


A tyrant called Janken the Great has taken over the peaceful land of Radaxian. He is able to turn people into stone and has gone about doing so.

Alex is searching for his brother Prince Egle who has been kidnapped. Alex must endure many dangers and challenges to rescue his sibling. In doing so he learns about Janken.

The mysterious Moonlight Stone is able to revert the people turned into stone back to human beings. Alex must also find this before Janken to release the population.


As a platformer the game naturally includes allot of running and jumping around and this will be in all directions rather than the typical right to left.

Stages will be populated with deadly creatures (to Alex anyway) and various dangers including usual hazards such as lava and spikes.

Alex uses his powerful punch to work his way through. It is used to dispose of creatures and break open item boxes, soft rocks and blocks.

In some stages vehicles can be used for speed and to reach other places which adds some variety to the overall gameplay.

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Alex Kidd In Miracle World Alex Kidd In Miracle World Alex Kidd In Miracle World

Several points in the game will have puzzle obstacles needing thought to be resolved before passing.

A burger usually signifies the end of a stage. Collect to exit. Some stages will have a larger creature that will need several hits to defeat in order to reveal the burger. The map screen will be shown before each new stage.

You are killed instantly by touching some creature or succumbing to a hazard such as spikes. When you appear back on the screen Alex will be invulnerable for a few seconds and flash purple.

You begin the game with 3 lives. Extra lives can be obtained by collecting or buying. There is the ability to continue with a cheat.

The controls in the game are fixed and are as follows:

The D-Pad LEFT and RIGHT moves Alex about the screen. Pressing down is crouch. Walking and pressing down will make a sliding crouch which allows getting under small gaps. Up is used for entering doors.

Button 1 is PUNCH. Use this on all breakable objects and killing creatures. Note that some creatures can not be killed at all.

Alex Kidd

Button 2 is JUMP. A tap will have a small jump and a press will be a larger jump.

PAUSE Button - is used to access the map screen which shows score, lives, money, location on the map and for the selection of special items. More information below.

When swimming, the D-Pad controls Alex in all directions. Holding down Button 1 makes him swim faster. Button 2 remains as punch.

Alex Kidd

Vehicles that Alex can use are either bought or given to you. When inside one the music will change. They are:

Alex's Vehicles
Alex Kidd on his BMX

BMX Bike Costs $200 - D-Pad LEFT and RIGHT controls speed though you will always be moving right. Pressing JUMP gives a leap. You can ride through destructible rocks and boxes. Some enemies can also be killed this way.

Alex Kidd in his helicopter

Speed Boat - D-Pad LEFT and RIGHT controls speed. Pressing PUNCH fires a shot which can be used to destroy blocks/boxes and creatures.

Alex Kidd in his speedboat

Helicopter Costs $200 - D-Pad LEFT and RIGHT controls direction. Pressing JUMP controls the height. Repeatedly pressing gains more height. Pressing PUNCH fires a shot that can destroy blocks/rocks and creatures.

You will loose your vehicle if you touch a creature or hit a non-destructible. A vehicle will protect you from a hit from an enemy or hazard but you will have to quickly move out of the way to survive.

Henchmen/Janken Matches

Every 3rd stage or so you will have to play a Janken Match otherwise known as Rock, Paper, Scissors. You need to win a best of 3 to defeat your opponent. Loosing a match costs you a life. The correct sequence is in the tips section below.

During decision time (a small jingle will play) and pressing D-Pad UP and DOWN cycles through the three selections.

By collecting the blue disc with a star on Stage 7 (mind reader) you will be able to see what your opponent is thinking though this is only semi-useful as they change their selection at the last possible second.

Janken Match

Janken Matches

After the first 3 matches the enemies are repeated but this time their heads will detach and attack you whilst their torso fires shots.

Filling each stage will be items for Alex to find and collect as well as those to be avoided. These are:


Star Box

Star Boxes - will contain a money bag either big or small.


Small Money Bag - worth $10


Large Money Bag - worth $20


Skull Box - Will stun Alex for roughly 2 seconds. Can be dangerous when creatures are nearby.

Extra Life

Small Alex - Worth an extra life. These can also be bought for $500.

Random Item

Question Mark Boxes - will contain a special item (usually a Power Ring or extra life) but can also contain a ghost that can not be killed which will chase you across the screen. There is a sequence to hitting these boxes however. Within a stage the first box will contain a Power Ring, the 2nd a ghost and the 3rd an extra life. After hitting a 3rd and collecting an extra life - until you die - if a stage then only has one of these boxes it will be an extra life also. The sequence starts over when a stage contains more than one of these boxes so it pays to remember these boxes.

Pink Boxes - will appear with various symbols on them. They are usually used to unlock things and have to be hit in sequence. On their own they are useless. Beware of the pink box with a skull as walking on these will make ghosts appear. Running away is the only course of action.

Shops - Press D-Pad Up to enter a shop. To buy items simply jump at them.



Dangers/Hazards populate each stage. None of these can be destroyed and kill instantly so therefore must be avoided.

Alex Kidd Hazards/Dangers

Spikes - death when touched. Seen mostly in castles.

Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud - fire lightening at the ground at regular intervals.


Serpent - these only move up and down out of water and lava.


Green slop, lava, white lava/boiling water - avoid obviously.


Flames/Fire - will move about the screen in various directions and generally cause an obstruction.


Ghosts - can not be defeated. The only option is to run.

Booby Trap

Booby Traps - panels on the floor which instantly open when Alex stands on them. Seen only in castles.

Booby Trapped Room Booby Trapped Rooms - these are rooms in castles where the ceiling drops or pillars fall trapping Alex. Running through is usually the best course of action.


Creatures in Alex Kidd
Crow Small Fish Large Fish Frog Scorpain
Seahorse Fish Bat Rock Face

Creatures are usually disposed of with a single punch though there are one or two exceptions.

Swimming Frog

Swimming Frog - Releases a spread of deadly bubbles as it swims. Can be killed after several punches to its slimey body.

Swimming Frog

Octopus - sits on a pot and waves a tentacle that will kill you. These can be killed by destroying each section of the tentacle first. Swimming in close can be tricky.


Bull (Stage 6) - will charge at you faster with each blow to the head. If you want to play it safe select the Power Ring and stand at the far left of the screen.


Monkey in tree (Stage 8) - Will quietly throw leaves at you. More of a danger whilst you try to defeat the bear with the sword.

Big Gay Bear

Bear with the sword (Stage 8) - Good timed punches will defeat this guy. Other options include using the Power Ring or the "A" special item.

The Map Screen

The map/status screen can be accessed any time by pressing the PAUSE button on the console. Items are selected by moving the arrow above and pressing Button 2 and is immediately equipped.

Map and Status Screen
Special Items in Alex Kidd
Power Ring

Power Ring - Alex can obtain items granting special abilities which are obtained via other individuals in the game, finding them in levels or purchasing them in the shop. Their functions are as follows:

A Item

A - Releases 'Little-Alex's' that run across the screen destroying creatures. Useful for defeating larger creatures. Press button 2 to deploy. Costs $100.

B Item

B - Gives a protective shield. You can not punch whilst active. Press button 2 to deploy. Costs $120.

Floating Stick

Floating Stick - Allows Alex to float aStage the screen for a short period of time. Costs $120

Question Mark

Question Mark - Temporary invincibility. Costs $100.

Mind Reader

Mind Reader - The blue disc with a star. Allows Alex to see what the opponent is thinking in a Janken Match. Its powers are automatically online when it is collected and there is no need to select it. This can not be purchased in a shop. It can be found on Stage 7 and Stage 11.

There will be some items are essential to the quest and have no functions. These are an emblem which makes part of a key on the final level, a letter and a tablet containing instructions.

Letter Emblem Tablet


There are a total of 16 stages in the game.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World Screenshots

Stage 1

Alex Kidd Stage 1 Alex Kidd Stage 1 Alex Kidd Stage 1

Stage 2

Alex Kidd Stage 2 Alex Kidd Stage 2 Alex Kidd Stage 2

Stage 3

Alex Kidd Stage 3 Alex Kidd Stage 3 Alex Kidd Stage 3

Stage 3 Secret Area

Alex Kidd Stage 3 Alex Kidd Stage 3 Alex Kidd Stage 3

Stage 4

Alex Kidd Stage 4 Alex Kidd Stage 4 Alex Kidd Stage 4

Stage 5

Alex Kidd Stage 5 Alex Kidd Stage 5 Alex Kidd Stage 5

Stage 6

Alex Kidd Stage 6 Alex Kidd Stage 6 Alex Kidd Stage 6

Stage 7

Alex Kidd Stage 7 Alex Kidd Stage 7 Alex Kidd Stage 7

Stage 8

Alex Kidd Stage 8 Alex Kidd Stage 8 Alex Kidd Stage 8

Stage 9

Alex Kidd Stage 9 Alex Kidd Stage 9 Alex Kidd Stage 9

Stage 10

Alex Kidd Stage 10 Alex Kidd Stage 10 Alex Kidd Stage 10

Stage 11

Alex Kidd Stage 11 Alex Kidd Stage 11 Alex Kidd Stage 11

Stage 12

Alex Kidd Stage 12 Alex Kidd Stage 12 Alex Kidd Stage 12

Stage 13

Alex Kidd Stage 13 Alex Kidd Stage 13 Alex Kidd Stage 13

Stage 14

Alex Kidd Stage 14 Alex Kidd Stage 14 Alex Kidd Stage 14

Stage 15

Alex Kidd Stage 15 Alex Kidd Stage 15 Alex Kidd Stage 15

Stage 16

Alex Kidd Stage 16 Alex Kidd Stage 16 Alex Kidd Stage 16
Moonlight Stone

Cheats and Tips

Continue Option

A continue credit will cost $400. To use one, on the Game Over screen hold UP on the D-Pad and press Button 2 eight times. If done correctly there will be a sound and continue mode on the screen.

Secret Exit Stage 3

On Stage 3 kill the first octopus by punching its tentacles one at a time until the octopus disappears. Swim over the bowl and press D-Pad DOWN a few times. You will move into a new section.


You can make ghosts disappear by hitting as many other item boxes around as you can. Hitting two or three boxes quick enough will make the ghost vanish!


Many rooms are booby trapped. If you find yourself running out of time simply exit the room and re-enter.

Castle #1 - Fish, Water to release Alex's brother.

Collect Mind Reader (Stage 7)

Make sure you are pressing D-Pad DOWN-RIGHT at the same time falling to collect.

Spikes in the Water (Stage 15)

This is easier than it looks. Do not press either D-Pad UP or DOWN as you swim through the spikes. There is, however, an alternative route where you can use the cane to fly across the gap above.

Janken Matches

Note: Should a wrong move be made in any of these matches the sequence will be different and the game will select winning combinations randomly.

Stone Head 1: Stone Scissors.

Scissors Head 1: Scissors Paper.

Paper Head 1: Stone Scissors.

Stone Head 2: Paper Paper.

Scissors Head 2: Stone Stone.

Paper Head 2: Stone Scissors.

Janken The Great: Paper Paper.

To kill Janken The Great, stand as close as possible and punch the horn on the top of his head. You will have to time your jumps to avoid the projectiles. Punch him once after each shot has fired.

Last Stage Sequence

Sun Waves Moon, Star sun moon, waves fish star fish. When you have done this collect the Crown.

Sequels and Updates

In 2017 and some 30 years later, a sequel in the form of a ROM hack came courtesy of a group of Alex Kidd enthusiasts was released.

It is designed as a direct sequel to the original game and ignores the events of Enchanted Castle on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

Alex must further explore the Miracle World, traverse dangerous lands and use the art of Shellcore to defeat his enemies. He once again has his motorcycle and peticopter to help him get around but now he also has a plane to fly him across treacherous waters.

It uses the same game engine with a few custom modifications and introduces a whole new set of levels and other features. It can be freely downloaded and playable in emulators.

Thankfully, this is great game thanks to the efforts of these guys. There are also some custom-made case sleeves for the authentic look.

For the full lowdown check out:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2
Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2
Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2

There are other games in the Alex Kidd series.

Alex Kidd in Hi-Tech World was another side-scrolling platform game. It was a rehash of another Japanese game Amnitsu Hime.

Alex Kidd In High Tech World
Alex Kidd In High Tech World Alex Kidd In High Tech World

In that game, Alex is on a mission to reach a new arcade that has just opened. First he must reassemble a map showing the way. Upon leaving for the new establishment Ninja's promptly attack.

Alex Kidd the Lost Stars is a side-scrolling platform game released in the arcades and later on the Master System. It has Alex searching for the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Alex Kidd In High Tech World
Alex Kidd Lost Stars Alex Kidd Lost Stars

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World was released in 1990 and was the last Alex Kidd title on the Master System. It places Alex in the role of Shinobi and parodies that game.

This game was originally another game entitled 'Shinobi Kid' but was cancelled and developed into an Alex Kidd title.

Alex Kidd In Shinobi World
Alex Kidd In Shinobi World Alex Kidd In Shinobi World

Alex Kidd the Enchanted Castle was an early title for the Mega Drive and it shows. It keeps with the same side-scrolling formula and has many similarities to Miracle World including the Janken Matches and the game takes place on planet Paperrock. It has been included in most of the Mega Drive compilation releases.

Alex Kidd The Enchanted Castle
Alex Kidd The Enchanted Castle Alex Kidd The Enchanted Castle

It was the only Alex Kidd game on the Mega Drive. It can be played on the recently released Mega Drive Collection on PS2 and PSP.


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Alex Kidd at Alex Kidd

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Alex Kidd at Wiki

A page describing the other games in the series


Perfect! Play it with Dega or KEGA Fusion Emulators. You can download these from the Master System Emulators Page.

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