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Danan The Jungle Fighter

Danan The Jungle fighter was released in 1991 for the Master System developed by one of SEGA's early internal departments tasked to make console games. It has the classic attributes of the era: a pleasant balance of RPG, action and in a short game featuring a lone warrior.

Graphics are very good with some detailed spots. Audio is well done but there is nothing memorable about it, unfortunately.

The games manual details more backstory than most of the era and indeed, the story detailed in the many text screens are essential to completing the game.

It reviewed OK and is pretty easy to complete and rather short. It serves as a good example of the times. It is probably not remembered by many nor has it been ported to any other systems, nor has it shown up in compilations and hardware clones etc. It's not too rare to find but prices for complete copies are increasing now.

Danan The Jungle Fighter European Case
Danan The Jungle Fighter European Case

Case Quote

"Danan, the infant who was rescued from the remains of a wrecked airplane by Jimba, a young Amazon tribesman, came home from hunting one day to find his guardian mortally wounded! What happened to Jimba? Who would do such a thing? Help Danan find the answers – stalk the hot, wet jungles of the Amazon, putting pieces together as you go, and avenge Jimba's death."


From the European manual

This story takes place on a planet much like our Earth. It takes 360 of our days to revolve around the Sun, and the air composition is almost the same. The planet has tropics and deserts, mountains and plains. It is known as the planet Gian.

A passenger plane was flying over the centre of Gian’s tropical region one day, when suddenly, according to the stories, an engine gave out and the aircraft went crashing to the surface. The plane just happened to go down in the densest area of forest, and rescue teams plodded through for 3 days only to discover that there were no survivors.

However, one of the members of the search team, while looking though the brush, found a baby bottle and a toy but no sign of the infant these things belonged to. He informed the leader of the rescue team, who immediately ordered a thorough scouring every inch of ground within a 3-mile radius of the crash site. The 2 day search turned up nothing.

The days, months and years passed, and the grass grew tall around the ruins of the ill-fated passenger craft. Just as naturally, the memory of the terrible tragedy faded from everyone’s mind with the passing of time.

Some 18 years later, amongst the people of a nearby town, a rumour circulated. There was a young white-skinned man living in the jungle. He’d been seen from time to time, but only briefly. No one had ever been able to get close enough to meet him, and it was said that he ran, climbed and swam like a jungle animal.

Jimba, a young tribesman, had come across the baby at the crash site, and had taken it to his home to care for it. He named the boy Danan, and raised him as he would his own. Danan grew strong and brave, and was happy as he had many member of the Animal Kingdom for friends. He learned many things from them, and from Jimba.

One day, though, as he returned from hunting, Danan found Jimba seriously wounded in their hut. Jimba, before he passed away, was able to tell Danan to seek prophet Niai in the Northeast. Danan was crushed at the loss of his guardian, to whom he was eternally indebted. He knew that he must find the prophet and, hopefully, the evil people who killed Jimba...

From the game

The legend of Moralos

Long ago, in a distand a time when vast, jungles still covered the Earth, an evil presence emerged from its tomb beneath the ground.

"Gilbas"! with a strength born of pure hatred toward all things living, it set about to destroy the inhabitants of the land. However, a great warrior-send by god-appeared to save the troubled land.

He was known as "Aganan"! using 3 sacred objects entrusted to him by god, "Aganan" sealed "Gilbas" in the tomb from where he came.

Note: Curiously there is a discrepancy of where the game takes place between the game and the story in the European manual.



The objective is to prevent the release of an evil creature known as Gilbas sealed in a tomb for many years. People aware of the damage this creature can do want it released for their benefit.

Our young warrior, Danan must fight his way across the land, gathering items and information needed to destroy Gilbas forever. To succeed, three sacred items need to be found:

Orb of Light, Amulet of Light, and Knife of Night.

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Video is shamelessly embedded from Youtube. All credit to the video owner. No infringement intended.

The gameplay is pretty simple thus general platforming conventions apply. Lots of walking and jumping. The rounds are laid out in a general right to left layout though there are plenty of doors and ladders for moving up and down a few platforms. It pays to explore for finding extra health and the other items.

Throughout the game, there is a decent quantity of text to read (even before the title screen is displayed though there is an important piece here) mostly relating to a side-story about a woman called Linda, however, before Round 2 there is a question where answering "No" results in Game Over.

Danan is armed with just a knife but has the ability to call upon help from three different animals.

Each round is populated with plenty of dangers; natural and otherwise, including lots of annoying natural wildlife such as bats and fish and natural hazards such as lava. Amongst this will be axe warriors and gun turrets.

When Danan takes a hit, he recoils and then flashes. Use this brief window to escape. Beware, that enemies on platforms above can still harm so be cautious when jumping.

Most can be defeated with a few straight stabs whereas others have specific weak spots. When defeated they simply disappear apart from the bosses which flash yellow when a hit had been landed. They will require multiple stabs to perish.

Different hazards/enemies will inflict different amounts of damage. When the all life is gone Danan dies. He has only one life and there are no continues. Though it is possible to continue after finding Elixer (magic potion).


The D-Pad moves Danan left or right, down is to duck and up is to enter doors. Up or Down is used for climbing stairs.

BUTTON 1 is attack and to bypass messages from other characters.

BUTTON 2 is jump and swim or to speed up onscreen messages.

PAUSE will display the Status Screen.

Danan The Jungle Fighter

Life – Two numbers separated by a slash shows how much health Danan has remaining and the maximum possible which can be upgraded by finding star symbols. After clearing a round a Life Bonus is rewarded and points are given based on remaining health.

Time – Shows remaining time to clear the round. The clock starts at 100 and at 0 the game ends. It can be restored when Danan uses an Elixer, finds a time item or after clearing a round. A Time Bonus is rewarded and points are given based on remaining time.

Score – Points earned for defeating enemies – some are worth more than others - and receiving end of round bonuses.

OXY – When swimming underwater this gauge air supply remaining. If this number gets too low then repeatedly press BUTTON 2 to swim to the surface for air. Maximum air is 50 and restored each time he surfaces. When this runs out Danan drowns and dies.

Status Screen

Status Screen

The Status Screen acts as inventory. It displays items carried and used for selecting animal assistance. It is not available during boss fights.

Danans friends from the animal kingdom are able to assist him. By collecting the animal symbols, the bars underneath them on the status screen change. Blue indicates they are ready for calling.

There are three:

Armadillo – A fierce and swift fighter and is available after collecting 3 symbols.

Eagle – Gives help getting across big gaps and speeds towards a destination. 6 symbols required. Press BUTTON 2 to release.

Chimpanzee – The most valuable help. Can restore up to 75% of Danans health. 9 animal symbols required.

Use the D-Pad to select the animal and BUTTON 2 to activate them.

Press BUTTON 1 to exit.

Also displayed will be:

Elixer – How many bottles Danan currently has.

Level – Find Star item symbols to increase Danans level. The number on the left increases each time a symbol has been found. When it reaches the number on the right, that number increases as does Danans level.

The three boxes on the left show the type of knife, amulet and orb Danan possesses. If he does not have any then "NOTHING" is displayed.


All of the items are found in chests are valuable. They are collected by simply touching them and that includes those visible above on a different platform. They equate to the following:


Small Star – Raises experience level by 15.

Large Star – Raises experience level by 25.

Exiler (Potion) – There are 4 known bottles of life-restoring potion and they are hidden throughout the land. They are automatically used when Danan dies. They will restore health to maximum and also the Timer. There is a bottle in each round of the game, and usually underground.

Beef – Gives 10 health points. Relatively easy to find.

Chicken – Give 25 health points. More difficult to find than beef.

Clock – adds 30 to the timer. If there are 70+ remaining it will not go above the maximum of 100.

Oxygen – Adds 10 to the air supply.

Knife of Wildcat – stronger than the knife Danan sets out with. It is found in the first round. Curiously the European manual calls this The Knife of Panther.

Knife of The Panther

Knife of The Lion – essential in triumphing over the Moralos Clan (Round 2).

Knife of The Lion

The Amulet of Bear – also helpful in defeating the Moralos Clan (Round 2).

Armadillo, Eagle, Chimpanzee – these are required for summoning animal assistance.

The Sacred Objects, and Where.

In order to defeat the powerful Gilbas he must have found the three sacred objects. Where these are found and who may have them are detailed in the story (text) of the game.

The Orb of Lights saps Gilbas of much of his magical powers. It is given to Danan after completing Round 1.

The Amulet of Light lowers Gilba’s physical strength considerably. It is found after reaching the top of the clan base, it is in the first hut. Kill the boomerang thrower to get to the chest.

Amulet of Light

The Knife of Light is the only weapon hard and sharp enough to penetrate Gilbas’ stone-like exterior. It is given after defeating the skeleton boss on Round 4, heading left. The game will place Danan in the shrine and defeat the old man at the alter (whilst you rescue Linda).

Knife of Light

The Rounds (Screenshots)

There are only four rounds in the game: Jungle, Marolos Clan Village, Lil River/Warship and fortified fortress.

There will be a boss encounter at the end of each.

Health and time are restored fully when entering the next round.

Danan The Jungle Fighter Screenshots

Round 1

Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 1 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 1 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 1

Round 2

Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 2 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 2 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 2

Round 3

Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 3 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 3 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 3

Round 4

Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 4 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 4 Danan The Jungle Fighter Round 4

Cheats and Tips

The score is pretty much redundant so it sometimes pays to avoid enemies.

Elixer Locations

Round 1

Down the first ladder after leaping over the swamp from the hut. It is on the right. Jump over the two platforms to reach. Beware, these platforms plummet very quickly.

Exlir 1

Round 2

After taking the first ladder up, take the next ladder down. It is on the right after a fast dropping platform.

Exlir 2

Round 3

After reaching inside the ship, down the first ladder, left and down the ladder, right and through the door. After meeting Linda, go up the ladder and left through the door. Then right, down the long ladder past the soldier.

Move right when on the ladder to land on the platform where the soldier is throwing the grenades. Continue right and jump over the gap with more grenade throwing soldiers. Go through the door.

Head left and up the ladder. The exlir is in the chest above to the left with the solider and the turret. There is a ladder to the right or simply jump from underneath.

Exlir 3

Round 4

From the beginning, head right and just past the first door Danan will fall where the ground changes pattern. Hold left as he falls past the next screen and land near an axe-wielding soldier. Continue left and through the green door near two chests. It is in the chest in this room. There are no enemies.

Exlir 4


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Review at Mean Machines



Perfect! Play it with Dega or KEGA Fusion Emulators. You can download these from the Master System Emulators Page.

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