Keio Flying Squadron

Keio Flying Squadron (KFS) also known as Keio Yuugekitai is a wacky shooter that was released for the Mega CD/Sega CD in 1995 published by JVC.

KFS was one of the last games to be released for the dying platform and is somewhat rare particularly in PAL format fetching prices of £50. Considering the conditions of the time with how the Mega CD was performing, it was odd that such a game even got a translation for the West.

It is now generally regarded as one of the better games on the system scoring respectably high review scores and potentially had been a glimpse into what improved games were heading to the system had it survived another year. This was not the typical FMV crap.

A sequel, Keio Flying Squadron 2 was released on the Saturn in 1996.

Keio Flying Squadron - European Case
Keio Flying Squadron Case Scan Keio Flying Squadron Case Scan

"In an exciting and mysterious Japanese story, become a young intrepid oriental adventurer. Rami rides into battle on her trusty dragon "Spot" as she encounters an octopus sea monster, the U.S. Navy, and the Russian Army until she arrives at the ship of Dr. Pon. Dr. Pon, billed as the most intelligent creature on earth with an IQ of 1400, has the appearance of a racoon, appropriate for the thief that he is."


It is 17th century feudal Japan, in Edo the capital city. Rami, by all outward appearances is a typical 20 year old Japanese girl but has been the keeper to the Secret Treasure. Rami is actually the descendant of aliens who came to Earth in ancient times.

The Secret Treasure is locked by a key to which Rami does not know the secret inside. This key however has been stolen (whilst Rami was hanging with her bitches at the local mini-mart) and now must get the key back from the 3003 year-old Dr. Pon. Rami rides into battle on her trusty dragon "Spot".



Overall, the game is a pretty basic horizontal shooter of Japanese anime style. You play as both Rami - a scantily clad bunny girl and Spot - her dragon companion of 11 years of age. You essentially shoot down anything that appears on the screen of both land and air.

Graphics are pretty good but it is somewhat obvious they suffer from the limitations of the hardware specifically the number of available colours. The sound capabilities of the system are put to good use. Music is pleasant and upbeat.

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Though there are only 7 chapters in the game the action is plentiful and poses considerable challenge even on human (normal) mode.

The animated cut scenes no way intrude into the gameplay unlike many other games on the system. They can in fact be turned off altogether if you have seen them already.

The default controls are:

D-Pad - Moves Rami/Spot around the screen in all directions.

Button A - Toggles manoeuvring speed of Spot from fast or slow.

Button B - Fire. Hold for rapid fire. Whilst you are not firing smaller dragons will appear at the side for extra defence.

Button C - Kamikaze attack. Causes Spot to launch up to two smaller versions of himself (Jnrs) directly at enemies. Normally they are covering Spot.

START - Pauses the game.

Each chapter (stage) will be populated mostly of waves of racoons using all number of contraptions to shoot you down. These smaller enemies require few shots to send down. Occasionally there will be the larger enemy such as a battleship that will need much more damage to destroy.

You die when you take a hit by being shot, colliding with an enemy or hitting some hazard on the landscape such as a building but these can mostly be destroyed. Upon death some of your Power-Ups will scatter instantly about the screen for re-collection when you return.

At the end of each chapter will be a goofy boss encounter and then some cut scenes will advance the story.

Keio Flying Squadron

Across the top of the screen will be your score, lives and the (manoeuvring) speed of Spot currently set.

Your shot (main weapon) is the flame that Spot will fire of which there are two kinds: forward and multi-directional.

Sub-Weapons are used by Rami. You can use either ground bombs, explosive throwing stars or homing 'Jnrs' (baby dragons). These will depend on the type of Sub-Weapon items available to you. These will be onscreen, left behind by defeated enemies and are collected by flying onto them.

Kamikaze Attack is an optional weapon. You can have two of them. Spot Jnrs are normally used for defending Spot but they can be turned into powerful bullets. Best used when surrounded.

Shot Power-Ups

Little creatures floating on clouds will drop Power-Up items when shot. There are 2 kinds. The icon display will change automatically to indicate which type is available.

By collecting the same Power-Up sequentially you can increase the power of the shot up to a maximum of six levels.

Shot configurations are:

Forward Shot - for intensive attack in a forward direction.

Multi-Directional Shot - For a wide range attack.

One-Up - gives Spot an extra life. There is one located in each episode.

Sub-Weapon Power-Ups

There are three kinds of sub-weapon items. The icon changes automatically depending on which type is available. By collecting the same Power-Up sequentially you can increase the power to a maximum three or four levels.

Ground Bombs - Used for destroying enemies on the ground. Can be used against air targets and effective when used in close range.

Explosive Throwing Stars - provide multi-directional fire. They are projected in the opposite direction from where you are headed.

Homing Spot 'Jnrs' - Like missiles, baby dragons chase down enemies.

By default you begin the game with 3 lives. You can earn extra lives every 30000 points. Upon Game Over you have 3 continues.


The game has a few options available to adjust. They are:

Hit Area - Select which area will be vulnerable. There are three choices are Rami or Spot or Rami and Spot.

Buttons - Change the default controls.

Speed - Adjust the manoeuvring speed of Spot to either fast or slow (toggled with Button A during gameplay). Each mode also has five different speeds between 1 and 5.

Lives - Select the number of lives between 1 and 5.

Difficulty - Select the difficulty level. Choose Monkey (easiest), Human or Super Human (hardest).

Visuals - Toggles the cut scenes on or off. The end sequence will still be shown.


Keio Flying Squadron Screenshots Chapters 1-7

Chapter 1 - Dr. Pon's Ship Attacks

Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Chapter 1

You chase Dr. Pon's ship to retrieve the Key. After taking out the enemy forces you will face Daikoku-ten, a God who rides a cow-drawn carriage which has a huge gun and packs a powerful punch.

Chapter 2 - Follow the River

Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Chapter 2

To find Dr. Pon Rami and Spot head down the river to find the library in Edo castle where the Books of All Ages and Countries are kept. The god Ebisu and his servant sea monster is encountered at the mouth of the river.

Sudden thunderbolts are shot from the huge octopus.

Chapter 3 - Inside the Silent Castle City

Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Edo City is under martial law. The plan is to dive underground in order to continue their approach. The castle lies just beyond the underground passage. En route to the Secret Treasure their progress is blocked by the black ship "Sunflower" of the U.S Navy.

Target the captain as he pops his head up from his ship.

Chapter 4 - Another Ambush

Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Chapter 4

The long journey to Mt. Ararat in Russia in pursuit of the Secret Treasure, "The Ark" but again the U.S. Navy tries to head them off. The battle peaks with the flying fortress of the U.S Navy "Genocide Lincoln" 20 miles high in a sea of clouds.

Chapter 5 - The Battle At Mt. Ararat

Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Caught in a battle between the U.S. military forces who want the Ark and the Russians who are trying to stop them upon moving through the battle they find Dr. Pon's ship. Now all is left to do is regain the Key.

The destruction of Russia's huge fortress train finally reveals the secret of the treasure.

Chapter 6 - The Caspian Sea Confrontation

Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Chapter 6

The Ark tumbles down Mt. Ararat and into the Caspian Sea. Old bosses return to stop Rami's flight towards the final boss. An angry sea monster is the main boss who has been awakens from its sleep.

Chapter 7 - Legacy of the Gods

Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Chapter 7

The Ark has flown off into space. This is where the final encounter with Dr. Pon will take place in order to stop his evil plan of world domination. The powerful enemies in the Ark need to be destroyed before fighting Dr. Pon and his most frightening weapon, which is...


Level Select

On the start game and options screen, press Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right. A level number will pop up at the top of the screen, which you can change with your controller.

Secret Game

At the Start or Options screen press Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up and START.

A game called Super Catch should appear. In this you have to position the cat under the falling food.

Secret Puzzle Game

Secret Puzzle Game


Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihen) - Saturn

Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihen) - Saturn

The sequel Keio Flying Squadron 2 was released in 1996 in Japan and Europe only and is viewed as one of the Saturn's greatest platform games and the best in the two Keio games.

Rami has to race Dr. Pon and a new rival Himiko Yamatia for an ancient treasure unlocked with six spheres.

The game is mainly platform but also has shoot 'em up sections in the same vein as the first game along with vertically scrolling bonus stages, underwater stage and a rollercoaster stage.

Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihen)
Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihen)
Keio Flying Squadron 2 (Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihen)

In the Japanese version the platform stages scrolled from right to left whereas this was reversed for the western releases.

Bonus artwork becomes unlocked as you earn higher scores.

It was one of the few games that actually utilised the power of the Saturn and its 2D capabilities with very detailed and colourful sprites.

The Japanese version is easier to find though the PAL version does occasionally appear on Ebay for around £100.


This game can be played with KEGA Fusion, Gens and Gens32 Emulators. These can be downloaded from the Mega CD/SEGA CD Emulators page.

As with the many of Mega CD/SEGA CD games, the perfect synch option must be enabled.



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