From Interplay (known for Descent) came one of the most unique platform games of the 16-Bit era. Released on the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo in 1994 - Boogerman is an adventure of literally grotesque style that manages to amuse greatly.

Aside from the toilet humour and style, the game is one of the most technically impressive games of the era with possibly the best animation ever seen on the Mega Drive and speech samples thrown in. The soundtrack fits the style of the game with goofy tunes.

Though the game made enough of an impact with its style, there have been no sequels. The character of Boogerman appeared in Clayfighter 63 1/3 (N64) as [Earthworm Jim's] rival.

The game is also available via the Virtual Console service on Nintendo Wii.

Boogerman European Case
Boogerman European Case

Bogey on down to the pick of the action games, as our hero Boogerman, tries to clean up the world against the evil Booger Master.

*over 20 bottom burping levels of adventure with worlds like The Pits, Mucous Mountain, Flatulent Swamps and many more!

*Attacks include 'fiery gas','Booger flick' and the awesome 'butt wamp'.



It's a dark and stormy night at Professors Stinkbaums Labs where a machine has been built to save the world from pollution by transexisting it to dimension X Crement.

Eccentric millionaire Snotty Ragsdale has taken a job at the lab to investigate its safety and find out exactly where the pollution is going. He has a bad feeling about this latest contraption.

This night his suspicions will be come true...


Boogerman is a traditional platform game for a single player only. The gameplay is relatively basic. You essentially burp and fart your way through obstacle riddled areas throwing boogers to kill the creatures that are about.

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Boogerman has a somewhat camp appearance with struts around with a huge grin on his face. He does not have any super powers as such though Power-Up items will grant some abilities temporarily. If left, he will pick his nose and eat his Boogers.

Each level is varying in size though reasonably large and will have plenty of areas hiding secret support/Power-Up items and shortcuts. There is no time limit to complete them so exploring is safe.

One criticism though is the floors can sometimes be tricky to alight on sending you to a hit or more annoyingly death. A tip is to aim for the centre of any platform.

The game is a reasonable challenge though with little change in the gameplay from level the game can easily feel repetitive but if you find it amusing it is a decent play.

The default controls are:

The D-Pad LEFT and RIGHT make Boogerman walk in that direction. They are also used for pushing objects. DOWN is used for crouching, digging and going down toilets. UP is used for moving up noses. You read those correctly.

Button A is to flick a booger. These are your standard weapon.

Button B is jump. Holding DOWN+B will drop you down a platform.

Button C is fart/burp. These are another weapon. When standing press C for a minor short range belch. Hold C to charge a major belch that can travel some distance across the screen. Holding DOWN and pressing C will produce a minor short range fart and holding DOWN+C will charge a major fart. These powers are limited by the amount of bodily gas you have.

START button pauses the game.


Nose/Snot - Shows how much mucous is available for flicking boogers and using the spit ability when collected.

Burp/Gas - shows how much bodily gas is available for burps, farts and using the flying ability when collected.

Lives - how many lives are remaining. You can earn extra lives by collecting the Boogerman item and at the end of each level with enough plungers.

Score - your current score.

Plungers - these are collected for bonus points at the end of a level. They are used to construct a ladder. Having collected 30 the ladder will be high enough to reach an extra life. The amount of plungers collected will reset to 0 when Boogerman dies.

Zits - jump on to destroy. Bonus points are awarded for these upon finishing a level.

Boogerman begins each level with full strength and a red cape. When you take a hit he will screech and his cape will flash briefly where you will be invulnerable. When the cape is yellow strength is low. Another hit will result in death and Boogerman melts away. Strength is replenished by collecting red capes. When collecting a cape whilst already at full strength (red cape) will give a super charge and his cape will glow.

Boogerman can take three hits before loosing a life. You can also die by falling off the screen. Any upgrades collected will carry over into the next level until death.

Support items in the levels can be out in the open to collect or inside piles of crap on the floor. Stand over these and hold D-Pad DOWN to dig through. These are:

Zits - jump on to destroy. Bonus points are awarded for these upon finishing a level.

Radish - These give Boogerman's bodily gases flames. This gives the ability to fly through fire in his farts. Hold Button C for height and use the D-Pad UP and DOWN to manoeuvre. The amount of thrust you have is shown in the top right of the screen. If you take a hit the ability is lost. Also, burps and farts become fireballs.

Cape - restores strength.

B Boxes - restores bodily gases.

Mucous Pots - These replace Boogerman's Booger flick (Button A) with spit projectiles that cut through enemies. If you take a hit the power will be lost.

Boogerman Portable Toilet - these act as restart points if you die. Jump on them to erect and activate.

Boogerman - extra life.

Levels are filled with plenty of obstacles, hazards and means to traverse them. They are:

Trampolines - provides an added spring to jump.

Snot Wires - hang from these to rope swing across sections.

Rocks - barriers. Charge a major belch or fart to destroy these.

Noses - serve as gateways to other areas of the level. Press D-Pad UP when standing under the nostril.

Toilets - transport to bonus areas where extra support items (mostly plungers) can be collected. There will be an entry and exit toilet. They do not provide any shortcuts.

Each level will be populated with a variety of enemies. They will vary in size and strength. Most can be defeated by flicking boogers, burping or farting, and jumping on their heads. Beware that some enemies can not be killed by jumping on them such as the Goblins since they will point their spear upwards.

At the end of each level bonus points will be given for zits popped and plungers collected added to your score with two pleasant belches.

Most areas in the game consist of 3 levels with a boss fight taking place on level 4. There is in total over 20 levels and boss fights.

The options screen can be accessed at any point during the game by pressing START to pause and then pressing Button B. You can toggle on or off:

Music, SFX, Stereo and Status (display). Press A or C to activate.

Selecting Quit will drop you back to the password screen showing the password for the current level. The password system consists of 4 symbols of enemies in the game. It can be accessed from the title screen. See Cheats and Tips section for all passwords.


Boogerman Screenshots (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Flatulent Swamps

Flatulent Swamps Level 1 Flatulent Swamps Level 2
Flatulent Swamps Level 3 Flatulent Swamps Level 4

Mucous Mountains

Mucous Mountains Level 1 Mucous Mountains Level 2

Nasal Caverns

Nasal Caverns Level 1 Nasal Caverns Level 2

The Pits

The Pits Level 1 The Pits Level 2
The Pits Level 3 The Pits Level 4

Pus Palace

Pus Palace Level 1 Pus Palace Level 2
Pus Palace Level 3 Pus Palace Level 4


Boogerville Level 1 Boogerville Level 2
Boogerville Level 3 Boogerville Level 4

Sewer City

Sewer City Level 1 Sewer City Level 2
Sewer City Level 3 Sewer City Level 4
Sewer City Level 5 Sewer City Level 6
Sewer City Level 7 Sewer City Level 8
Sewer City Level 9 Sewer City Level 10
Sewer City Level 11 Sewer City Level 12
Sewer City Level 13 Sewer City Level 14
Sewer City Level 15 Sewer City Level 16

Bosses: Hickboy, Revolta, Deodor Ant, Flyboy, Booger Meister


Level Select

At the title screen, as the snot scrolls down press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, C, B and A. Use UP and DOWN to select a level.

Free Movement/Flight Mode

During game press A+B+C+START on controller two. Boogerman will freeze. Use the D-Pad on controller one to fly him to any position the screen. Press A+B+C+START on controller two to resume play.

Credit Sequence Fun

After defeating Boogermeister and the credits are scrolling you can walk into the bathroom and change back into civilian clothes, burp, fart or fly. You can even use the vacuum by pressing UP or DOWN or dust by pressing A.

Secret Ending/Alternative Ending

It is possible to get two guys waving at you after during the credits. Defeat Boogermeister and when he's being flushed down the toilet Boogerman will pick up a rod. At this point press A+B+C+START. Boogerman will either slide off the screen or stand still. If he yells "Booger!" you missed the chance. If done correctly when the credits scroll two guys will come out of the doors and wave.


Boogerman Passwords

Flatulent Swamps

Scab Creature, Abominable Sewer Man, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin


Fart Ghost, Nose Goblin, Fart Ghost, Pus Creature

The Pits

Pus Creature, Scab Creature, Fart Ghost, Boogerman


Troll, Miner Goblin, Nose Goblin, Fart Ghost


Scab Creature, Fart Ghost, Abominable Sewer Man, Boogerman


Boogerman, Pus Creature, Miner Goblin, Scab Creature

Mucous Mountains

Nose Goblin, Scab Creature, Fart Ghost, Troll

Nasal Caverns

Nose Goblin, Pus Creature, Ogre, Scab Creature

Deodor Ant

Fart Ghost, Scab Creature, Troll, Miner Goblin

Pus Palace

Pus Creature, Boogerman, Fart Ghost, Pus Creature

Booger Meister

Pus Creature, Abominable Sewer Man, Boogerman, Miner Goblin


Perfect! Play this with KEGA Fusion, Gens and Gens32 Emulators. You can download these from the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Emulators page.


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