Mid-way in the Saturn's lifetime, SEGA and Microsoft ported several Saturn games to the PC, specifically Windows 95, which with its move to 32-Bit, was trying to become the new standard for PC gaming.

The following list is most of the games that were released. Since these, many more games were released for the PC but not under the SEGA PC brand.

The typical system requirements for these games are listed below but some could possibly be run with less.

Windows 95/98
Pentium 90 or equivalent
SVGA 256 Colours (DirectX compatible) (PCI card recommended)
Sound Blaster 16 or compatible sound card (DirectX compatible)

Joysticks were supported with many games. Virtua Fighter PC and Panzer Dragoon could use a 3D accelerator called Diamond Edge from Matrox that had ports allowing the use of Saturn controllers. It was the first 2D/3D accelerator (it even had audio capabilities) and utilised the Nvidia NV1 chip.

Diamond EDGE 3D

Diamond EDGE 3D

Getting some of these games running on modern PCs can be tricky because of the architectural changes of the Windows Operating System. You can look for specific patches or tricks to get them to run, however, using a virtual machine or having an old spare PC is much easier.


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