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Sonic The Fighters remains one of the least known Sonic games around. It's existence being a result of a stray idea in the mind of an AM2 programmer when he decided to insert Sonic into a 3D fighter engine. At the time this was Fighting Vipers on the Saturn.

When department heads Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka collaborated with the concept it was deemed a good idea and then development of Sonic The Fighters began.

Sonic The Fighters was released in 1996 sporting humours combat, bright colourful graphics and a helping of Sonic sound FX making it easily recognised by the younger-casual Sonic audience.

For years a port for the Saturn was promised even with some screenshots appearing in various gaming magazines but needless to say the game did not appear.

Unfortunately the game was only produced in a limited run only been seen by people in the largest of Sega Works arcade centres.


Straight after the destruction of the Death Egg, Dr Robotnik immediately set's about the construction of a better model stunningly entitled Death Egg 2. From his new orbital fortress Robotnik invades the planet below using an army of robot Robotnik's. One of Tails' inventions, the transformable recon bot Mechna Sonic No 29 detects the Death Egg 2 and transmits images. This triggers Tails to construct Lunar Fox - a spaceship to intercept Robotniks new base. To get there in Lunar Fox all 8 (!?) Chaos Emeralds are needed for power. Another catch to this plan is that there can only be one person to go. This should therefore be the strongest person on the planet. Let the contest begin!


With AM2 being renowned for their accomplishments in the fighter genre their games generally are a cut above the rest.

A fighting game with Sonic characters - as deep as any Virtua Fighter or Fighting Vipers? Obviously not, however, like with Virtua Fighter the game is quickly played by those not familiar with fighters and those who are.

Experienced brawlers will pick up things right away pulling off all kinds of moves whilst new comers can simply press all buttons and hope for the best.

Like with all 1 on 1 fighters the goal is to simply beat the hell out of your opponent. You have 30 seconds to do as much damage to them as possible through punching, kicking and whatever other moves your character is capable of.

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic The Fighters

The control system is simple; punch, kick and defend/guard. Special moves are performed by combinations of these buttons. Moves for every character are detailed below.

The defend/guard button does have a system of it’s own. Each character begins with 5 points in their barrier. Blocking an attack depletes one of these points. When all 5 points are gone the character looses the ability to guard for the rest of the match.

The first player to win 2 rounds wins the match. When you have won a match you have a few seconds to land some extra punishment on your opponent should you really want to. Should you loose the match you have 10 seconds to insert a coin and continue.

A versus match can be played with another person at anytime by inserting a coin into the right hand side of the machine.


There are in total 9 playable characters in the game though 8 are only initially playable. The 9th character is Super Sonic. Metal Sonic and Robotnik appear as boss characters. In times when a character must play against themselves (such as a versus match) the second player is represented by a black and white version.

Characters of Sonic The Fighters

Characters of Sonic The Fighters

Characters come with a wealth of goofy attacks. When on the receiving end of an assault rings fly all over the shop. After taking beatings, being dropped or running into the side of the arena characters will become become dizzy with stars around their head. Characters themselves stretch, bend, inflate, deflate, have facial expressions and even their eyes will follow an opponent if they are thrown upwards into the air. Considering that we are in the rigid era of the likes of Fighting Vipers this is pretty impressive to see.

People who play Sonic games probably are not your usual fighting game savvys. To assist is this moves guide and the convention used.

(close) When standing close/next to an opponent

(hold) Hold down the button or direction

(near barrier)

P = Punch

K = Kick

G = Guard/Defend

UP makes your character perform a jump

DOWN makes your character crouch

Dash = performed by pressing FORWARDS twice quickly.

DOWN/TOWARDS = Diagonally DOWN and direction TOWARDS your opponent.

AWAY roll to TOWARDS = Roll the Joystick in a circular motion 180o in the direction facing AWAY from your opponent to facing TOWARDS.

Hyper Power: By sacraficing one barrier point you can stun your opponent using Hyper Power. To do this push the joystick to the LEFT and press buttons P+K. If your opponent sees stars then it´s worked.


G, P = Guard then Punch

P + G = Punch and Guard pressed together

Tail Throw: (close) TOWARDS, G + K + AWAY = Stand next to your opponent, press the direction TOWARDS your opponent then press GUARD and KICK and direction AWAY at the same time.

Characters are in order of appearance.

Knuckles The Echidna Moves

Opponent #1 Arena: South Island

Knuckle Glider: P + K

One, Two Upper: P, P, P


Body Dive: UP (hold) + P

Moon Launch: Dash + P

Knuckle Special: (close) P + G, P, P

Foot Stomp: (close) DOWN, DOWN + K + G

Dodge Punch: P + K + G, P

Amy Rosy Rascal Moves

Opponent #2 (stronger than Knuckles!! WTF?) Arena: Flying Carpet

Magical Hammer: DOWN + P

Spin Hammer: TOWARDS + P

Hip Attack: K + G

Hammer Dive: UP (hold) + P

Head Sliding: Dash + P

Horsey Hop: (close) P + G

Fake Out: AWAY roll to TOWARDS + P + G

Dodge Hammer: P + K + G, P

Bark The Polarbear Moves

Opponent #3 Arena: Aurora Icefield

Smash Attack: DOWN + P + P

One, Two Throw: P, P, P

Triple Crush Punch: TOWARDS + P, P, P

Dash Attack: (close) P + G

Second Dash (close) DOWN + DOWN + P + G

Giant Swing: (close) AWAY roll to TOWARDS + P + G

Barrier Walk: (near barrier) TOWARDS, TOWARDS + P + K + G

Dodge Punch: P + K + G, P

Espio The Chameleon Moves

Opponent #4 Arena: Mushroom Hill

Espio Spin: DOWN (hold) + P

Punch: TOWARDS + P

Espio Chop: DOWN/TOWARDS + P

Long Tongue Attack: TOWARDS, TOWARDS + P

Dashing Tongue Attack: Dash + P

Table Flip: (close) P + G

Tongue Throw: (close) TOWARDS, AWAY + P + G

Dodge Punch: P + K + G, P

Tails The Fox Moves

Opponent #5 Arena: Canyon Cruise

Propeller Dash: P+K

Propeller Dash Left: P + K,P

Propeller Dash Right: P + K,K

Scissor Punch: TOWARDS + P

Stomping Dive: UP (hold)

Moon Launch: Dash + P

Airplane Smash: (close) P + G

Dodge Punch: P + K + G,P

Fang The Sniper Moves

Opponent #6 Arena: Casino Night

Rapid Snipe: TOWARDS + P, P, P, P, P

Tail Combo: K + G, K, K



Horse Kick: Dash + K

Low Tail Strike: (close while knocked down) DOWN + K

Tail Throw: (close) TOWARDS, G + K + AWAY

Dodge Snipe: P + K + G, P

Bean The Dynamite Moves

Opponent #7 Arena: Dynamite Planet

Round and Round Upper: DOWN/TOWARDS + P

Wild Attack: P, P, P, P, P

Triple Throw: TOWARDS, TOWARDS + P

Shot: TOWARDS (hold) + K

Dash Attack: Dash + P

Super Dash: (close) P + G

Let’s Attack: (close) AWAY, TOWARDS, AWAY + P + G

Dodge Attack: P + K + G, P

This character was inspired by another Sega arcade game Dynamite Dux.

Sonic The Hedgehog Moves

Opponent #8 Arena: Giant Wing

Spin Attack: DOWN + P

Ballet Toss: DOWN/TOWARDS + P

Spiral Spin: DOWN, DOWN + P

Dash Spin: DASH + P

Head Spin: (close) P + G

Spin Dive: UP (hold) + P

Dodging Spin: P + K + G

Super Sonic

Has the same moves as Sonic but is faster and can take no damage. Super Sonic can only be played in round 2 against Metal Sonic and the Eggman bonus round. You must first have beaten every opponent without losing a single round.

Metal Sonic - Opponent 9

Arena - Death Egg's Eye

Metal Sonic has all the moves from all characters and can inflict more damage with them. He is Sonic The Fighters Dural from Virtua Fighter. He has a laser in the hole in his front.

Dr Eggman / Robotnik - Opponent 10 - Final

Arena: Death Egg's Hangar

To get the good ending to the game he has to be defeated within 15 seconds.

His dangerous moves are a punching combo and a throw.


Sonic The Fighters

Knuckles and Bean get it on

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic lays the smackdown on his biiatch

Sonic The Fighters

Image Caption

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic sees stars

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic sees stars

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic sees stars

Sonic The Fighters

Bean bombs!

Sonic The Fighters

Sonic thwarts Espio's tongue action

Sonic The Fighters

Metal Sonic

Sonic The Fighters

Dr Eggman

Sonic The Fighters

Character Select Screen

Sonic The Fighters

Vs Screen

Taken using Nebula Model 2 emulator.


The game is partially emulated using the Nebula Model 2B emulator. You will need a pretty powerful PC to run it and it is by far not complete emulation but enough to get a feel of the game. If your PC struggles badly then turn off the sound emulation.

You can get the emulator from here and the ROM can be found at some Sonic fansites - so I've heard ^_^

Model 2 Emulator

Model 2 Emulator

When the emulator runs the game pressing F2 allows you to change the language of the game from default Japanese to USA.

The screenshots on this page were taken with this emulator and since it is not 100% complete results in some unusual effects.

This game is currently not emulated with MAME as of version 0.100.


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