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Here you will find in-depth features on a selection of games I have encountered from across the generations and platforms that I deem to be fantastic and worthy of a gamer's attention.

Like the SEGA features, you will find them containing information on history, gameplay, various media, other ports and guides on how to play on modern hardware.

Articles and Features Currently Online (Videos shamelessly embedded from YT)
alt : Descent PC

Descent Feature (PC)

Descent is one of those staple PC titles unique to the platform until consoles became powerful enough to pull off some sort of facsimile.

Take a dive with this classic 360o shooter of the PC and see how it fairs with modern remakes. It is still more popular than you think and surprisingly still has only a few clones.

alt : Doom II PC

Doom II Feature (PC)

There is not much that can be said about Doom II other than this was one of the most anticipated and popular sequels in PC gaming.

Explore this hellish classic and take a look at modern renditions.

alt : Extreme Assault PC

Extreme Assault

Extreme Assault is a lesser known first-person shooter with arcade themed gameplay that came on the leading edge of PC gaming back in 1997 sporting an impressive 3D graphics engine that did not require a 3D accelerator along with other technical implementations.

It marks a point for the end of an era being one of the last DOS games to be made.

alt : Golden Axe II: The Revenge of Death Adder gameplay video

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder

A staple SEGA franchise of arcade and console – this little-known sequel was released in the arcades in 1992 and never ported to any consoles to this day.

It is (and arguably still) greatly superior to the other games in series.

alt : alt : NeoGeo Pocket Color US Commercial

NeoGeo Pocket Color

A hardware feature taking a look at SNK's novel 16-Bit handheld that unfortunately few people experienced but those that did really liked what they saw.

This little machine also bought about the stronger alliance of SEGA and SNK of the late nineties.

alt : Shadow Warrior DOS PC

Shadow Warrior (PC)

Explore this cult FPS from 3D Realms of the late nineties.

It is the adventure of Lo Wang - a fierce ninja warrior with tongue in cheek humour who sets out for revenge against his corrupt employer.

It follows in the footsteps of the classic Duke Nukem 3D and has recently been rebooted for the PC.

Sin and Punishment (Nintendo 64)

From Treasure is another excellent action run'n'gun game that never saw a release in the west but hardcore gamers sought this out. It is one of the few mature Nintendo 64 games there is.

If you are a fan of Treasure then you may well know of this but there is also a sequel on the Wii.

alt : Stargunner

Stargunner (PC)

Arcade action of the horizontal blasting kind comes to the PC where there is so little of this genre. However, is that enough to make it a PC classic or is it perhaps the super smooth graphics and rather funky soundtrack too?

You can decide after checking out the feature and grabbing yourself a copy of the game since its now available to all as freeware for us to enjoy.

alt : Viewtiful Joe Gamecube

Viewtiful Joe (Gamecube)

From Capcom comes arguably one of the most visually stylish games of the 00s in the form of a frantic 2D platform brawler.

Venture with Joe through his first journey through Movie Land to rescue Sylvia from the Jadow in this criminally underrated game.

alt : Worms United PC

Worms United (PC)

Combining the original Worms and a collection of add-ons, this unique package still rates as one of the most fun experiences of Wormage.

So the question is: How hard is your worm?

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