Today I woke up to abuse my husband as usual only to find that he had already made me breakfast in bed. He had a valentines card as well but the picture on the front was that of a dog with a giant heart. He knows that I don't like dogs and that I love cats so he was abused for this.

For the first time since I married my husband I was late for work because we had sex. The journey into work was quiet but I soon became frustrated and irritatied thinking about the "next time" we was going to screw which meant that I was in a perfect mood for the rest of the day.

As I came into the office I noticed there was a new security guard on the door. He referred to me as "love" which called for immediate abuse which made me even later. With my introduction over I abused a courier in lift to then abuse the woman in reception because I felt like it.

During the day I got a call from my sister who informed me about all the things she had for Valentines Day which meant she had to be abused because her husband got her more than my husband did for me. The bastard.

Perhaps later on when I get home I might get some.

Abuse Report Episode 8

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