Because I had to be up early this morning to visit the doctors and abuse everybody there before going into work, I set the stereo to wake my husband with a tape recording of abuse which I keep for the anwering machine. This will start 10 minutes before he is due in work.

I got to the surgery and had to wait. After abusing the staff I abused the other people waiting making some of them leave. By this time the morning had started properly so I abused the doctor totally. After the doctor I moved onto the chemist where the pharmacist was thoroughly abused because I had to wait for my HRT drugs. He also had a beard which meant he deserved it.

Later whilst abusing people in the office as normal I had a funny experience with one of the many dopey people we have. I was interrupted whist abusing a customer on the phone only to be asked a dip-shit question. I abused the stupid cow whilst answering her question. I felt a little guilty about doing so because the question she asked was so damn stupid. So I followed her down the office, gave her a massive amount of abuse and purposely giving her a wrong answer leaving her abused and confused. I will try this new approach on my husband when I get home.

Abuse Report Episode 9

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