This morning I was looking forward to abusing the postman because he was delivering something which needed a signature for, so I was going to abuse him longer than usual. I soon found out he'd been replaced which annoyed me. Just as I went to abuse him anyway he joyfully introduced himself.

When he actually shut up I grunted and snorted and demanded to know what had happened to the other postman. Apparently he left because "some evil old bag with lots of cats kept harassing him". After getting even more pissed off because someone else had abused my bloody postman away this stupid little cretin had to receive strong abuse because: 1. he is new and 2. because I felt like it. I want to know who this old bag is as well.

After starting the day nicely I went into work. Whilst stomping up and down the corridor I heard someone moaning about the sugar getting low; something I really have not been bothered to sort. This called for them to get abused and just to piss them off a bit more I poured the last sugar in the bin whilst doing it.

Abuse Report Episode 12

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