Today I woke up over an hour earlier feeling more abusive than usual. I started to abuse my husband but because he was still asleep (after working a night shift) I had to slap him upside the face a few times so I could abuse him further until he went and let the cats in and made me something to eat. That then gave me something else to abuse him about - the amount of time it took him to do these very simple tasks.

All morning I abused one person mostly. It's his fault why my PC acts like an arsehole. I abused him and my PC for about an hour and the idiot said it was because of me! (user error) which obviously called for further continuous abuse whilst standing over him and then more so in the day via phone and email.

This led up to lunch where because I was still feeling pretty abusive. I felt like going to the cafe and abusing everyone there - so I did. I abused the woman called Minge because; one: I was hungry. Two: she had a stupid name and Three: because I felt like it. I stormed back in the office slamming doors having to abuse people in the lifts and toilets (because they were there) where I settled to abuse the computer dickhead about my PC again which I quickly turned off and on again in the middle of some work to see what would happen and hopefully create more opportunities for abuse.

Abuse Report Episode 13

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