Today whilst doing some filing my crappy hole puncher decided to act like a tosser. It got all jammed up. But just when I was abusing it and clearing it out I was interrupted by the latest person/idiot to join the company for me to abuse. Normally I would just suck my teeth at them, then ignore anyone else but she's fresh for lots of abuse so I give her one of my evil stares before continuing with the more conventional kind.

Whilst getting into an abusive flow I lost my concentration on sorting my puncher and knocked all the bits of paper on the bloody floor. This meant I had to further abuse the new person for being there as well as the puncher. I stampeded off down the other end of the office where the technicians work (alleged idly) making sure to abuse other people as I went past. I barged into their area where, for some stupid reason was loads more people than usual and some of those don't even work in the office. The lazy shits were probably having another party or something because I've never seen them actually do any work. I work the most around here. I went in and demanded to know where the broom was and that one of them should tidy my office. As someone answered me I heard someone snidely say the broom was parked in my car parking space.

Because I couldn't tell who it was who said it I had no choice (and I was fully motivated) to hurl explosive abuse at each one of the idle turds with too much to say, for quite a while and screw the fact that my office was covered in confetti. This was much more pleasurable.

Quite a productive day.

Abuse Report Episode 14

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