This morning I was really pissed off. Hardly no chances to hurl abuse at people. The roads were quiet, the fat security guard was not on the door and the usual idiots were out the office.

The only good thing was I abused someone extensively for paper work only for it to arrive scruffy which meant another hefty dose of abuse. The bonus was I then told him he had to make a delivery for me OR ELSE. He was just about to moan which meant I was then pushed into abusing; him, his clothes and the shape of his face until he got out of my sight and did what I told him to.

Because there was bugger all in the way of people to abuse I went up and down the stairs in the building abusing people as they were coming in and out. This was just what I needed and I even had a teeth sucking contest with some black woman.

Maybe things will pickup tomorrow.

Abuse Report Episode 15

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