Today after abusing the usual people like the postman, lolly pop lady, the kids on the retarded bus who always pull stupid faces at me and other drivers clogging up my roads into work, I stomped in ready for a good day of abusing people. Instead I had to go into another bloody boring meeting and listen to the crap they think is important especially the guy with stupid ears - who I hate! Obviously this pissed me off so I wanted to abuse - but I couldn't!. So instead, I sat there with my arms crossed, my face scrunched up, breathing heavily through my nose giving everyone "I wish you were dead" looks.

After not being able to abuse anyone all morning (and being pissed off because of it) I got straight back into my routine. I abused all the customers who called in but with more enthusiasm than usual. I called some of the phone numbers on vans and shops I could see out of my window to totally abuse whoever picked up the phone. One of them put the phone down on me so I was compelled to call them back to give them much stronger abuse.

A good save to the day.

Abuse Report Episode 16

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