I came in as normal; stomping around and slamming doors whilst giving people evil looks. The first target I locked onto was the security guard who called me 'sunshine' which meant he most certainly had to be abused for two reasons now. 1) Because I felt like it and 2) because the moron obviously tried to come onto me.

I called for the lift abusing other people as they waited. One of these people I did not recognise so I gave her 'Welcome to the Building' abuse and informed her to to stay away from the 3rd floor. My floor.

During the day I was rummaging through someone else's desk and I found some brand new stationary. This must have been taken out of my office since I own all the stationary in the office. The git must have done this whilst I was away. I flew back to my office and check my stationary supply. Almost all of it had gone! The thieving bastards!

I spent the rest of the day stampeding around the office going through peoples draws on an abuse and retrieve mission to get my stuff back. Like they actually need stationary anyway, I'm the only one that seems to do any work around here.

Abuse Report Episode 20

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