Nintendo DS

Sonic arrives on the Nintendo DS! This game has quickly been hailed as the best Sonic game since the days of the Mega Drive era - and rightly so it seems. It is easily the fastest Sonic game there is!

You can play as either Sonic or Blaze each of who's story is different though they play the same levels.

The gameplay is classic 2D and takes place across the 2 screens of the DS and the action is intense. Boss fights are done in some funky 3D arenas. New to the mix is the tension meter which allows for bursts of speed. It starts at 100% and goes to 300% with the destruction of enemies and performing tricks.

Sol Emeralds are in the balance. Sonic collects them via a special stage and Blaze collects them when defeating bosses.

The game consists of 7 colourful zones and a Sonic2-esque special stage played with the DS-stylus.

Graphically the game is stunning. All graphics are polygon rendered rather than sprite and flows perfectly.

The games music is quite interesting. It is in the style of Jet Set Radio but cranked up making for some funky bets which seems to fit really well with the onscreen action.

Sonic Rush is a game we have been waiting for. Perhaps this is now a sign of things to come.

Official Website: Sonic Rush Official Website

Official Website (Japanese): Sonic Rush Official Website (Japanese)

Sonic Rush


GameCube Pal

Sonic’s dark twin blasts out in his first (and probably last) solo adventure.

Shadow has been thinking much regarding his origins. Threatened by the leader of the Black Arms aliens he can know his secret by way of collecting and delivering the Chaos Emeralds to them. He embarks on his journey. You must decide the direction he takes.

Shadow moves around on rocket skates with an arsenal of weapons from a pistol to a RPG.

Stages are mission based, you decide whether you’re going to be Neutral, Hero or Dark. Whichever you decide to complete determines which stage you proceed to.

Graphics are generally on par with Sonic Adventure 2 and all missions are in 3D.

Included is a 2-Player battle mode which simply pits one player against another.

Unfortunately the game suffers from many problems. Bad camera, sloppy controls and bad level design to name but a few.

Shadow has been a multi-format release coming out on GameCube, X Box and Playstation 2.

Shadow The Hedgehog


Gameboy Advance

Gunstar Heroes is one of the most respected 2D titles ever and now after many years we have a return to that classic Mega Drive title.

In Future Heroes the Evil Empire is attempting to resurrect the God of Ruin who was defeated in the previous game. This is where Gunstar Heroes, an elite team of soldiers, are drafted with the mission to save the planet.

You choose Red or Blue Gunstar, each with their own path in the game. Though slightly different in appearance their main differences are weapons they carry. Each carries 3 weapons but one of them is unique, Red has machine gun and Blue has lightening.

The game is a hark back to 16-Bit roots with frantic shooting and platforming feeling very much like the original but is in-fact a totally new game.

Graphically the game pushes the GBA to the limit much like the original Mega Drive game did showcasing some fantastic special effects. A decent challenge also ensures plenty of re-playability.

The game is also known as Gunstar Future Heroes.

A big well done to Sega and Treasure on this one!

Gunstar Super Heroes



From SNK comes the 4th installment of the classic 2D shooter series.

The year is 20xx, those terrifying guys from the cyber-terrorist group struck at the world...They have developed what they call ‘White Baby’ - a computer virus to hijack the main systems of the militaries of the world’s nations - their declaration predicting that virus being unleashed on the internet.

Gameplay is tried and trusted Slug style – blast everything on the screen. Included are 2 new characters and some new vehicles to blast your way through the 6 missions with. Most levels also have branching paths. As always 2-player co-op mode is a blast.

Somewhat disappointing though is the ability to just continue all the way through the game when the game over screen appears. Part of the love for Metal Slug is the replay value in trying to beat the game in a limited amount of credits. Unless you are going to limit yourself (since there is no option) you could finish the game in one play totally ruining it.

Extra features in this port are online arcade scores which is basically an online leader board and friends mode which lets you chat (and no doubt brag) about your high scores.

Not quite as good a package as Metal Slug 3 as the game overall is weaker but a good blast for Slug fans.

Released on both X Box and PS2 and can be bought online at a bargain of about £15. Metal Slug 5 is due out soon.

Metal Slug 4