X Box PAL 2005

One of the most fun titles of modern times finally makes it to other consoles. Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 were only released on the Game Cube.

This version combines both games with some new features in the ultimate monkey fest and getís released on both X Box and PS2.

Sega are marketing the game along with an official website where you can play some of the mini-games in flash format amongst other things. Check it out here.

It will be interesting to see how popular Monkey Ball becomes now itís everywhere.

Little tip: X Box version light years ahead of the PS2 one.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe


Dreamcast PAL 2002

Segaís Arcade FPS arrived on the Dreamcast in perfect form with slick and colourful graphics but unfortunatley at the end of the systems life.

In response to a series of high casualty terrorist attacs to itís military research facilities, Viisitaria, a multi-national corporation involved with military and space industries create the International Counter-Terrorism Special Force consisting of elite members of special forces from around the world.

The gameplay is fast-paced and simplistic. You are placed in an arena where you have to defeat the terrorists before they defeat you. The game is player in either first or third person perspective. Your character that has 3 weapons which differs between characters.

Arcade mode is simply defeat or be defeated whereas in Mission mode you are given tasks such as protect hostages, kill a certain amount of enemies within a time limit. As missions are completed characters, stages and weapons are unlocked.

For added fun is a 4-player versus mode. Typically the European version did not have online play whereas the US version had this an even supported the Broadband adaptor.

Outtigger was originally released on the Naomi arcade board in 1999.



Mega Drive PAL 1994

Released on the Mega Drive in 1993 and is the sequeal to Revenge of Shinobi.

In Japan Joe recuperates after the battle in Neo City and trains hard to improve his already formiddable training skills. The Neo Zeed leaders are secretly rebuilding their organisation. Joe senses this evil growning and returns to destroy this new threat.

The game sports much improved graphics like so many other Mega Drive titles towards the end of the machines life.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master was the sequel which was true to the spirit of The Revenge of Shinobi. This game boasted improved graphics and more moves for Joe across more varied gameplay. It was more accessbile as well thanks to a relatively low difficulty level.

Shinobi has gone on to have a sequel on the Saturn entitled Shinobi X which was dreadful and a much improved title in recent times on Playstation 2.

Info about the previous title in the sequel The Revenge of Shinobi can be found here.

Shinob 3: Return of The Master


Saturn JAP

From Psikyo Strikers 1945 Pt 2 is classic 2D vertical shooter in the purest sense.

You choose from 6 planes loosely from WWII are in the hangar each with their own flight characteristics and weapons.

As with all vertical shooters; destroy what comes on the screen, avoid the fields on enemy bullets, collect the power ups and destroy some huge heavily armed boss contraption at the end.

With 8 missions and a reasonable challenge Strikers has reasonable lastability and the 2 Player simultaneous mode means others can join in the action.

Psikyo originally released Strikers as an arcade game for the Neo Geo in 1998 and then ported it to the Saturn and is a very faithful port of the arcade original.

Strikers 1945 Pt 2 was also released on the Playstation in 2001 and can be bought for less than £10 whereas the much rarer (and apparently slightly better) Saturn version will cost at least £50.

Strikers 1945 Part 2