Mega Drive/Genesis

This has to be one the coolest things. This is one of many hacks of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game that adds more levels and enemies to the original. The game plays exactly as Sonic 2 did.

In ‘Long Version’ many of the levels from the original Sonic 2 Beta have been re-integrated such as Hidden Palace and Wood Zone as well as some new additions from the author.

Currently at version 1.8 a new version 2.0 of this game is promised soon. A separate version containing Knuckles is also available. Check out the official site

There are more ‘enhanced’ Sonic 2 versions on the net and can be found at the various Sonic game hacking sites.

Sonic 2 Long Version


X Box

All the horror of Doom 3 arrives on the X Box in superb form.

You take control of a marine stranded in a base on mars. Your first job is to investigate a scientist that has hidden away from the rest of the team but when you get there a gateway to hell has just been opened up and everyone bar a few people have turned into zombie mutated freaks hell bent on killing you. Starting with a flashlight and a pistol its your job to blow these monsters away and survive to find out what had happened.

As well as essential frantic Doom gameplay (blast everything that comes at you) the game engages you more in a single player experience.

The graphics are outstanding only falling short of a high-end PC and the sound effects are brilliantly executed.

As well as the stunning Doom 3 included in this edition is Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 with the addition of playing death match and co-op modes. Included aswell are interviews with the ID team.

Easily one of the best the X Box has to offer.

Doom 3 Limited Edition


X Box

From Sega AM2, It’s the sequel gamers have waited a lifetime for.

The gameplay is perfectly translated into the modern looking racer. The route through the game is determined by branching paths at each of the checkpoints which you must reach within a certain time limit.

Plenty of game modes are offered, Outrun Mode, Heart Attack Mode, Time Attack and Outrun Challenge as well as X Box Live! features giving you the chance to race upto 7 others.

Remixed are some of the tunes from the original arcade version as well as the arcade original hidden away as an un-lockable. Other faster Ferraris are un-lockable throughout the game.

Graphics are utterly superb running at a constantly high frame rate which can actually distract you from the racing as you watch them.

The original was released in the arcade in 1986 and converted to just about every computer there was. It was re-released on the Saturn as part of the Sega Ages Vol 1.

Official Website:

Outrun 2


Saturn PAL 1998

From Team Andromeda comes their final title in the Panzer Dragoon Series.

Set 30 years after Panzer Dragoon 'Saga' kicks off at an excavation site of a mysterious young girl kept in a state of suspended animation for 1000’s of years. The site is promptly attacked by Commander Craymen – an Imperial renegade. You are the only survivor; a young mercanry called Edge. Craymen is intent on capturing the girl.

Edge (your character) is left for dead, but rescued by the Dragon of Legend. In a fit of rage Edge sets out for revenge against Creyman.

Gameplay is a combination of exploration and battle. The battle system was a revolution at the time using a real-time engine. Most of the battles take place on your dragon which has different attacks depending on it’s growth. When exploring, you discover towns, interact with the people there but what is striking is that no 2 places look the same.

Coupling the gameplay are some of the best graphics to ever come out of the Saturn as well as a fitting soundtrack.

Hailed almost allover as the best RPG of all time fans are clamoring for an updated version of this game. So much could be possible.

This game is one of the most collectable there is. In it's PAL format the game is worth anywhere between £100 and £200. The Japanese version goes by the name of Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG.

The original Panzer Dragoon is set for a remake on the PS2 and is expected to be released early 06. There is no news on an update of Panzer Dragoon Orta.


Panzer Dragoon Gallery

Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Panzer Dragoon Zwei Gallery

Panzer Dragoon Zwei Soundtrack

Panzer Dragoon Saga


This month sees the launch of the X Box 360 here in the UK and the beginning of the next generation of gaming. No longer it seems will a simple bump-up in graphics be able to keep games interesting. This war should be most interesting….

X Box 360 promises so much but I guess only time will tell. The early launch for Microsoft over Sony can be both advantageous and problematic at the same time. This situation kind of reminds me of the Dreamcast launch back in 99.

With the PS3 stuck in development hell it will be interesting to see what Microsoft can achieve in the mean time. Nintendo is an odd affair it seems. Each time some information is revealed about their Revolution console the more questions it raises.

Looking forward very much to the release of Sonic The Hedgehog sometime in June 2006 in time for the 15th anniversary purported to being a reboot of all things Sonic.