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Sonic on Dreamcast

The disappointment of the Saturn era, SEGA had been quiet and Sonic along with it. The recent lack lustre games and cancelling of Sonic X-Treme was beginning to look if Sonic was over. However, with the announcement of the Dreamcast all that changed.

Along with the console a new Sonic game was announced. The specifications of the Dreamcast hardware (at the time) were extremely powerful so their was intrigue about what form this game would take. Would it be a traditional 2D platform game or full 3D affair? The actual result was stunning.

In December 1998 Sonic returned as a launch title for the new machine. Entitled "Sonic Adventure" the game offered freedom never before experienced whilst making a successful transition from 2D to 3D for gameplay.

Unfortunately SEGA's weakened position yet again the lifespan of the console meant that only 3 titles were produced yet the Dreamcast became the platform that brought Sonic back from near obscurity back to popularity.

Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic in his first 128-bit adventure. Stop Robotnik and his Egg Carrier from destroying Station Square to make way for Robotnikland and defeat a mythical creature that feeds on Chaos Emeralds.
With rumours rife that it is to make an appearence on XBLA..this page has seen an update!

Sonic and pals are back - bigger and faster with varied character based gameplay. Be a hero and save the day or crush the heroes and rule the world. Possibly the Dreamcast's finest hour.

Sonic Shuffle  

Sonic Shuffle


Puzzle based games with Sonic and pals. Win the game to escape a bizarre alternate reality.


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