Last Update: March 08


Some New Stuff!

It has been a long time coming, but finally the 3RD rock page is being redone. Now it has more upto date information, scans of dvds and tapes along with plenty of Youtube video clips to watch (since I can't upload my own right now).


Some New Stuff!

A feature of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has been added giving you the low down of this great title. Have a look at the feature here.


Some New Stuff!

The soundtrack for Sonic Chaos aka Sonic and Tails is online for your ears. Have a look on the Sonic Chaos Soundtrack page.


Some New Stuff!

The silly stuff area has been overhauled. It should be easier to actually read the stuff.

A new feature, inspired by my years at uni is now online entitled 'Posh But Not'. I hope you enjoy this somewhat serialised story.


Some New Stuff!

As an avid fan of the show it has come to my attention that people regularly seek the theme to the show to have on their mobiles or just to randonly listen to. You can grab it from here.

Last Update: 2ndJanuary

Some New Stuff!

Various other tweaks and fixes have been made about the place too.


Finally added the Panzer Dragoon II Zwei feature i've been meaning to do all those years ago. It's not 100% complete but there is still plenty to read, see and hear!

Some New Stuff! MORE NEW PAGES

New pages have also been added to cover:

Sonic Genesis

Sonic (Xbox Live)

Golden Axe Xbox Live


As the new year kicks off I'm now considering the outcome for this site which will be 5 years old later this year. It was really a place to practice some basic web design (which should be evident by looking round)

It has though come to my attention that many Sonic dedicated websites are closing and citing their main reason for doing so no motivation thanks to is the lacklustre nature of the recent games. I unfortunately agree with this and also have little motivation to continue. The fun of the old games (mostly 16-Bit era) have not come through recently barring Sonic Rush.

Though I hate to leave a tasks unfinished I will complete my mini-site to the point of games released until now and items currently in progress. Unless something spectacular happens. I am keen to continue the expansion of Sega sections highlighting some of my old favourites though this is dependant on free time.


These are current projects in the pipeline and due to appear shortly.

Soul Star - Mega CD

Streets of Rage 2 - Mega Drive and Xbox Live

Sonic 2 - Xbox Live

Sonic Heroes

A total overhaul of the 3RD Rock page!

Another item for the Silly Section is the first few episodes of a new series 'Posh But Not'

Last Update: 27thNovember

Some New Stuff!


Finally some stuff on the PD series is online. To begin with is the feature to the original Panzer Dragoon on the Saturn with the other versions covered. Check out the feature to one of my favourite games of all time.

A feature for Panzer Dragoon Zwei is to follow very shortly!

Some New Stuff!


Added the soundtrack to the 8-Bit version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Listen to the tunes on the Soundtrack page.


A new version of the Sonic City website was opened last week. Considering this is an official Sega site (especially from the European office) it is quite impressive.

Goodies include flash mini-games, desktop images and even a radio service which has tunes from the latest Sonic games.

Check all this out here.


I had planned on uploading lots of movie clips of games; particularly in the Saturn section. Unfortunately I can not due to a max upload limit imposed by my ISP of (almost useless) 2MB. So now many pages need to be amended dropping the videos.

This is rather annoying since there was several videos with the new PD sections.

Last Update: 10thOctober


Some New Stuff!

The feature for Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive is finally up. You can check this out here. It has the distinction of being the biggest feature so far.

A old favourite game close to my heart is Wonderboy.A feature for the Master System version is now online.

The Ban This Filth page has been replaced with a valid XHTML page so it should display better almost everywhere.

Fixed a few mistakes in the Sonic soundtracks including a missing track (ooops) and the Chaotix soundtrack.

Uploaded newer versions of Mega Drive/Genesis Emulators.

A new feature about Panzer Dragoon is coming in the near future. There will be lots of info and few movies...

Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic Rush Adventure has been released on the Nintendo DS and by all reports is great game. Shame there is no more music from Hideki Naganuma. Check out the official site for more about the game for some goodies.

Sonic 2 on X Box Live Arcade

Sonic 2 has now been released on XBLA. It features online 2-player gaming but apart from that its Sonic 2.

Last Update | September 10th 2007

Some New Stuff!


After admitiaddly a long time (thanks to uni) some new sections have finally been added to the site. They consist of:

Feature for Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn)

Feature for Spy Vs Spy (Master System)

Feature for Alex Kidd In Miracle World (Master System)

Feature for SegaSonic The Hedgehog (Arcade)

Feature for Sonic Mea Collection Plus (Various)

Sonic 2 Special Stage Guide

Running the PC version of Sonic CD on XP

The opening to the Sonic section has undergone a bit of a redesign to help finding games easier. There is also lots more information in there about fan games and secrets.

As always, all pages can be found on the Site Map.

The move to produce validated code in XHTML1.1 on this site is well underway, hence the lack of new stuff, but there are lots of new stuff in the this space!

In other news the original Sonic The Hedgehog has been released on Xbox Live Arcade. It seems essentially a Mega Drive emulator running in there with some graphics filters.


Star Trek The Next Generation20th Anniversary

How quick has this been. Maybe it just seems that way since everyone is trying to repress the memory that was Nemesis.

Nevertheless, TNG has some brilliant episodes.

Last Update | December 30th 2006

Sonic The Hedgehog


In a word, BAD! After 2 months of playing thats the verdict. Bandwagons are irritating things and I hate to jump on one, but my transport on such a vehicle is justified in this instance. What people are saying is unfortunately true. Ive tried also to make this very breif overview as accurate as possible by literally just placing the controller down and typing.

At the top of the list of crimes is control. It is atrocious. Sonic is subjected to harsh veering movements which invariably result in his demise such as falling off the side of a cliff.

There is no sense of speed, even in some of the more action packed sequences.

The camera is wrought with problems only to be made worse (in my view) by the appalling controls. It spirals out of control especially when a character jumps.

The game is also full of bugs; random halting, environments, controls and a high degree of slowdown.

The success of the implementation of physics is debatable. Knocking boxes and throwing fruit is all but ok but playing as Sonic, on a snowboard at speed on a very steep icy slope and I suddenly stop still and cant get moving again. WTF!.

The flow of the game is not very good. Loading times are irritating. Not necessarily in terms of length but in frequency. A scene has to be loaded simply for someone to read you a line of text (not even in voice form) or an enemy to roll over. Missions in towns etc between action stages are generally dumb.

The characters voices are not very good either. Some are ok, but I dont like the change. This could just be me though. Knuckles sounds even worse than his camp Sonic Heroes voice!

The game overall does improve as you progress but it does feel like a chore to play. I really wanted to find any redeeming feature but I dont think it is possible. The only thing I could come up with is some elements could potentially have been worse. For example, the music is ok. It is a slight change of direction and works ok. Graphics are bright and colourful but they are not stand out features. The plot is quite good and Silver is a nice new twist to otherwise usual gameplay, it is the implementation that is poor.

This game makes me slightly embarrassed to be a Sonic fan. I bought a 360 for the sole purpose of playing this game. Luckily the 360 happens to be a funky piece of kit with ace games such as Gears of War. I predict you will see Sonic going for less than half price in just a few months.

I do not know what Sega are doing at the moment and becoming concerned. Do their games actually get tested before they are let out the door these days?. The shocking piece of software of that is Sonic Genesis for GBA is not been forgotten. If Sega do not do something pretty quickly then this could be the end of Sonic, yes their core franchise which probably will then be the end of them, again!

Last Update | November 11th 2006


Sonic The Hedgehog

There has been lots of goings on in Sonic world recently.

First up, Sonic The Hedgehog for Xbox360 is to be released within the next 2 weeks. I saw in the next 2 weeks because everyone has one release date and Sega Europe have another on their website. Typical.

From the demo that has been available to download people do not seem overly impressed. Whilst a demo at this time is usually a fairly good indication of that we will get. Im hoping that it will still be a fantastic game. We shall see.

Check Out the official Sonic The Hedgehog website for videos and downloads.

Next up, A new alpha version of Sonic 2 has been uncovered and currently has the community buzzing with its contents. This version is very close to Sonic 1 but still retains many gems.

For more details check out and for more information.


Cheers Sony, not that I ever wanted a PSP anyway.

For those not in the know, Lik-Sang supplied the rest of the world with imports from Japan at good prices and excellent service. Well they used to.

Check out their official explaination.

Lik-Sang Closure Notice


I've admittedly been a little slow on this one, however I believe its worth mentioning just how appalling this title is for anyone who thinks its a good idea to actually fork out money for it. I am talking about the official release from Sega and not some of the more promising homebrew developments.

The game itself is a good idea a port of the original with new modes etc but the implementation is nothing short of shocking. The physics are worse than an 8-Bit Game Gear titles with the SFX and graphics. It is full of bugs where the Sonic sprite does not animate properly and you fall through walls.

How this got out of the door at Sega is anybodies guess. Check out this video.

and no the video isnt jerky, thats how the game plays!

I dont normally do this but in order to show you had it is here is a link to download the ROM.

NiGHTS Into Dreams


Can you believe its been 10 years since that title landed on the Saturn.

Whilst there is no news of any kind of remake or sequel its gotta be an excellent excuse to dig the game out for a blast.

For anyone who has no ideya what NiGHTS is about checkout the article at GHZ

Last Update | September 15th 2006


Both the US and Japanese/European versions of the Sonic CD sountrack have been added including the PCM (past) tunes and lyrics to the songs. Check the tracks out on the Sonic CD Soundtracks Page.


Just coming short before the overhaul of that section is the addition of a video clip from the Top 10 rated episode "Mr Anderson's Balls" where Beavis washes his balls.

A few other things have been improved as well as the correct text for the Top 10 list, silly me..

Last Update | September 8th 2006


Celebrating 40 Years Celebrating 40 Years

Today is the anniversary of Star Trek the original series.

It was 40 years ago that Gene Roddenberrys vision of the future debuted on US TV.

The history of Star Trek is unique from being a low performer and cancelled after 3 years to resurge into the biggest sci-fi phenomenon ever.

Here in the UK, the BBC are not showering us with the usual themed anniversary night with episodes and insightful documentaries. Its certainly a sign of the times. Sci-Fi are giving us reruns and movies.

Whilst its considered that the franchise is currently at a low point, there are still some things to look forward too. The original series being redone with HD computer effects and what ever is going to emerge as the Star Trek XI now under new management.

I would like to say, for me, Star Trek has had a massive influence on me as a person and wouldnt be who I am without it.

So happy birthday to Star Trek and a massive thank you to Gene Roddenberry for all the did.

As always, checkout for all the official information.

They also have an article about Star Trek at 40.

Sci-Fi Channel have been doing themed days and competitions. Check out more stuff on the Sci-Fi Europe Website.

Star Trek News

Last Update | August 2006

Wow, August already.

What important stuff is there to mention,


Added all the recent released for the mighty DC up to Under Defeat released in June complete with some videos!. Check out more info and some videos on the Latest Dreamcast Releases page.


Added a feature dedicated to the Saturn version of that very first 3d beat em up. Checkout loads more on this historic game on the Virtua Fighter page.

This should (hopefully) be the start of plenty more Saturn features which are long overdue so stay tuned.


It seems that the release date for this game has slipped. In reality is probably just to make it a PS3 launch title.


Fantastic website about an up and coming project remixing the Sonic 3 and Knuckles Soundtrack. Judging from the quality of the music in the flash demo this should be very interesting indeed. Checkout the project details on the home page.

Last Update | June 23rd 2006


Sonic The Hedgehog 15th Anniversary

Happy 15th goes out to Sonic.

Yes guys, Sonic is 15 years old. June 23rd 1991 was the day when Sonic The Hedgehog hit the Mega Drive and changed the face of gaming for ever. I have very fond memories of the first times of playing that Sonic game all those years ago and will play it again today.

Today is rather low-key compared to the 10th Anniversary when Sonic Adventure 2 was launched, there are still plenty a goings on about the net. Check out RadioSEGA (formally MySega Radio) for some cool stuff.

A new site Summer of Sonic is being launched today and is a collaborative effort of the nets best Sonic Site. Other usuals such as Sonic Cult have articles as well.

There is also a few pages dedicated in this months Retro magazine describing each Sonic game across the years.

With games as Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Wildfire on the way it looks as so Sonic will be with us for more years to come.

To be this good takes ages.

Last Update | June 2006


This is one of the coolest things. Radio MySega uses the magic of internet radio to bring to us classic tunes from tonnes of Segas games. Check it out at SEGA Radio (Formally MySEGA Radio)

SONIC'S 15th

Wow how quickly time goes by. It only seems like last year that we were doing the 10th anniversary with Sonic Adventure 2. So June 23rd is the magic date when the blue hero turns 15. There is no suggestions that the latest game will be released by then, which leads nicely into..


Lots of new info about this game which is actually looking quite interesting. Perhaps the whole reboot of the Sonic universe will work out well. Some more information at Sega Europes website and plenty of Sega Japan website including details of the story which unfortunately does not earn any points in the originality department but does show some outstanding visuals.


I rarely want to make comments on PS2 games since I want to keep this site as PS2 free as possible, but it is worth mentioning how awful this compilation is.

Suffice to say that this compilation rapes some of our most beloved titles with only one or two titles coming through only half decent with Fantasy Zone probably the best in the collection and even this is not without its problems showing some of the worst collision detection programming Ive seen.

All I can say is thank goodness they never touched Streets of Rage!


Star Trek!

Thats right guys, another Trek film is in development headed by JJ Abrahams, the guy behind Lost. A certain Mr Berman has said nothing about this simply because why would he? He apparently is not involved in anyway. This could turn out to be outstanding or a total disaster.

For all new checkout TrekWeb



Im hoping to redo many of the sections on this site especially the Saturn stuff. Problem is Im still without a working Saturn (almost 1 year now!) so progress is slowwww

Also the site will be expecting visitor 50,000 within the next week or so.

Last Update | April 2006


There seems to be alot of activity surrounding this game that never was at the moment thanks to recent magazine articles and mostly in-part to the brilliant April fools joke of an ISO to download.

Now well known, the doomed Sonic game gets a new website with tonnes of information and some brilliant video clips.

Have an audio visual tour this most perplexing part of Sega and Sonics history over at

Well worth a look.


The latest Sonic multi-platform release is upon is, Sonic Riders is out for X Box, Game Cube and PS2.

Sonic and pal are racing on their high-velocity air boards in races the world over to win a prized Chaos Emerald.

Checkout more info at

Even as an extreme sports fan I cant say this interests me much after the junk that was Shadow The Hedgehog. Id rather put my cash towards Sonic The Hedgehog on the Xbox 360.


Ive added several new Ban This Filth video clips since the page was beginning to slip a little, with much better video and the proper sound codec (ooops!).

Check out Ban This Filth


A trigger for revamping the 3RD Rock page is new box set releases. It seems that region one owners are lucky enough to get these new box sets with tonnes of extra features. There is no news of region 2 release yet.

As mentioned the page will be revamped soon. Ill be posting video clips from the series. If any one want to make requests then please do so.

Last Update | March 2006

As work continues towards new XHTML code that validates the uploads of new stuff will be very slow but with that in mind these are some of the new items...

New Item!


The other soundtrack pages have proven popular so more have been added. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles soundtracks can be downloaded in MP3 Format.

I may consider uploading the NiGHTS soundtrack as well if I get requests for it.

New Item!


Since it seems a while before I get round to actually doing the webpage for this game (the game is not that great anyway) Ive put the soundtrack up for you do download.

You can check it out on the Knuckles Chaotix Soundtrack Page


The Dreamcast continues to live on with some new releases. From the makers of Border-Down comes Under Defeat a cool looking chopper based 2D shooter. You can checkout some videos of the game at Lik-Sang.

Another release, again a shootem up is Radiligy. You control a mech-type character to do your destruction. The game makes use of cell-shading which is different for a shooter.

A non-shooter release is Cool Herders. A strategy game to herd as many sheep as possible. Four player interaction and special powers have you herding the animals yourself, or bashing your opponent and stealing theirs.

Last Update | December 2005

New Item!


One of my favourite games of all time just happens to have a brilliant soundtrack so I thought Id share it all with you since work on the Panzer Dragoon section is coming very slowly.

Head on over the Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei Soundtrack page and download these enchanting tunes to a fantastic game.


Rumours are floating about the net that Sega of Japan are again to offer the Dreamcast through its Sega Direct Service early next year. Its an interesting thought.if accurate.


Not only do we have an ace Sonic game (something weve been waiting ages for!) the soundtrack is brilliant also. Some people disagree and find it irritating; I however do not. Thankfully its out to buy entitled Original Groove Rush. Well worth it!

New Item!


Since the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog proved so popular Ive added Sonic 2 in the same vein. Head on over to the Sonic 2 Soundtrack page and download some tunes.

Last Update | October 2005

Sonic Gems Collection


(and pisses lots of people off)

New Item!

Well Sonic Gems is here has done a good job at annoying a great number of Sonic fans including me.

Its a sloppy compilation that if taken as a reading of the mindset of Sega then it is a little worrying. It suggests they think people will buy any game with Sonics name on it regardless of quality. I would write to Sega about how bad this release is if I knew I wouldnt be ignored.

This is a very stupid move by them. They are after all still trying to rebuild their reputation and pissing off the fans of their company mascot is really gonna help!

They may have gained a few new Sonic fans with a bargain priced compilation but they have pissed off enough people who were already fans with it too. Cheers Sega Europe! *raises middle finger*

Anyway, for the full showcase for the game checkout the Sonic Gems page.


New Item!

STF is certainly one of the less known Sonic games and the release of Sonic Gems finally brings this game into the home.

A page dedicated to the arcade version of Sonic The Fighters can now be found here.


Added a scan of an original arcade flyer for Space Harrier.


In an effort to get with the times and make things more pleasant for us who use superior browsers like Mozilla sections of the site are being ported over to XHTML for better compatibility so whilst this happens things might look odd.

The Games of the Month section will come to an end as of December 2005. I doubt anyone will actually notice anyway.

Thats like.. all the time we have for nowsee you tomorrow. Huh huh

Last Update | August 2005

Ok lots more stuff being added


An article about the lost Mega Drive game Sonic Crackers. This game was destined to be a final appearance for Sonic and pals on the Mega Drive but that went on to become well...something else.

Check out all the details here.


These files are available in MP3 format (VBR). Check them out here.

If this proves popular then I well add more Sonic Sound Tracks.


Added Sonic CD opening movies both the US and the Japanese/Eur versions.

Thanks to everyone who has visited this page so far! It has already become one of the most popular.


I see that many people who arrive at the B+B page are in search of the classic game Hock-A-Loogie.

Beavis and Butthead - Hock-A-Loogie

You can now download it from the Beavis and Butthead page and is just over 1MB in size in a RAR archive. Simply extract and run the executable. The movie file has been edited to reduce download time.